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Cloud, Aerosol, and Refractive Index Experiment

CARE consists of three instruments: an Optical Particle AnaLyzer (OPAL), a second generation Cloud, Aerosol and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS), and a Precipitation Imaging Probe (PIP). CARE detects the size distributions of aerosol and cloud particles in the size range between 0.5 µm and 6.2 mm, provides information about particle shape and cloud phase, and allows the retrieval of refractive index of single particles in the size range between ~0.5 and 2 µm.

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DC8 Lift off from Boise on August 13, 2019

Entering Horsefly plume

Lick Creek / Mica Creek fire plume

Ridgetop fire plume from the DC-8

Armin W and Felix P (PTR-MS)

DC-8 early morning 1 August 2019

Another view over the Tucker Fire on 29 July


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