OIB Shipping - Palmdale, CA

Shipping to Palmdale (PMD) Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC), Building 703 (Previously the DAOF)

Please pack any fragile of sensitive equipment in hard shell cases with plenty of cushioning and avoid shipping loose items whenever possible. Clearly label all boxes with “OIB,” the instrument name, the PI's name, and contact mobile phone number. Before you ship your items to Palmdale, please email Quincy Allison, Jhony Zavaleta, and Wendy Bereda with the number, size, and weights of each shipment. Include the expected arrival date and carrier information.

Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods 
Lithium ion batteries are now regulated as dangerous goods and need to be accounted for by the watt hour rating of the battery. Please forward all MSDS sheets to Karen Richards 7 days in advance of your intended ship date.
Shipping Point of Contact (POC) Info
Quincy Allison [quincy.allison@nasa.gov / (650) 455-4964]
Jhony Zavaleta [jhony.r.zavaleta@nasa.gov / 650 224-4825]

Wendy Bereda [wendy.bereda@nasa.gov (661) 276-3182

Shipping Address - Palmdale, CA
NASA Aircraft Operations Facility
2825 East Avanue P
Palmdale, CA 93550
Attn: (Instrument Name)/OIB Wendy Bereda (661) 276-3182