OIB Airborne Platforms - UAF Otter

Ice Gap

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Instrument Description and Installation

UAF-GI laser altimetry system for the UAF Spring campaign consists of an Optech ADM laser altimeter, a Crossbow NAV420 Inertial Measurement Unit, and associated GPS timestamping and data recording computers installed in a DHC-3 Single Otter aircraft. Aircraft positioning is performed by a Trimble R7 dual frequency GPS unit, using a calibrated Sensor Systems L1/L2 aircraft antenna, and recording at 5 Hz. For the Fall campaign the instrument suite will be upgraded to a Riegl LMS-Q240 Pulsed Scanning Altimeter used in concert with a new Inertial Navigation Unit. Pictures of the Fall campaign instrument suite will be posted when available.

Instrument installed in DHC-3 Single Otter

Thule 1.jpg

Instrument Viewing Port

Thule 1.jpg


Geophysical Institute LiDAR system