OIB Deployment Sites - Thule

Basic Info - Thule

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Thule Greenland Orientation

There is only one hotel on the airfield. Dormitories may also be available for long term stays. Accommodation requirements should go through ESPO. A military store (BX) as well as a sports facility are available for your use while in Thule.

Hotel: North Star Inn, 100 individual rooms, shared bath (down the hall), TV $53.25/night. The rooms have cable TV, microwave and a small refrigerator. ESPO will provide a 24/7 internet access.

Dining: Most if not all of the food served at Thule is at the Dudas Buffet Restaurant (chow hall). Very nice facilities. Breakfast $1.30, Lunch $3.30, Dinner $3.70.

Cell Phone: GSM tri or quad band phones should be capable of attaining a cell phone signal. AT&T/Cingular service for my iPhone was seamless using Tele Gl locally, automatically connecting as the GSM provider. Watch out for roaming charges, they usually are very expensive.

Laundry: Laundry (no cost, self service washer/drier) is located in the community bathrooms at the North Star Inn. There is one washer & dryer/wing on each floor. Laundry detergent can be purchased on the vending machine or at the BX.

Transportation: Taxi service is free, quick and easy, just call ext. 2022 from any phone. Everything is within walking distance, usually within ½ mile; taxis are a good idea when having to move equipment or temperatures are extremely cold.

Extras: TOW (Top of the World) club. US post office is on site. Shipping schedule tied to the limited airfield operations. (Contact ESPO for details.) Emergency Medical services are located adjacent to the chow hall and hotel.

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