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ATom 03/22/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, 3/22 Accomplishments

  • AO2/Medusa continued optimizing 
  • CAPS team departs
  • GT-CIMS power up in lab
  • HR-AMS calibrations and software
  • ISAF completed installation
  • Sea shipment departed for Christchurch
  • Cylinder shipment departed for Anchorage, Kona and Lajes

Friday, 3/23 Plans

  • AO2/Medusa team departs
  • GT-CIMS lab work
  • HR-AMS team departs
  • ISAF team departs

ATom 03/21/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 3/21 Accomplishments
A02/Medusa mach flight
CAPS completed on a/c work, removed & stowed instrument in lab, packed
GT-CIMS installed exhaust line
HR-AMS leak checks and calibrations
ISAF finishing cabling and plumbing, power check either today or tomorrow

Thursday, 3/22 Plans
Egress training at 13:30
A02/Medusa continue optimization
CAPS departs (returns 4/8)
GT-CIMS power up in lab
HR-AMS calibrations

ATom 03/20/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 3/20 Accomplishments
AO2/Medusa finished installed plumbing and powered up
CAPS cross computer calibrations and systems checks
GT-CIMS staged shipping material and began to unpack
HR-AMS installed and conducted power checks and alignment
ISAF completed mechanical installation and began cabling
Shipment preparations

ATom 03/19/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 3/19 Accomplishments
AO2/Medusa, ISAF and HR-AMS arrived
AO2/Medusa installed and powered on
ISAF installed
HR-AMS calibrating in lab

Tuesday, 3/20 Plans
06:00-17:30    A/C access
HR-AMS planning to install

ATom 03/18/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, 3/19 Plan
07:00    Badge office opens (for those with expired badges)
06:00-18:00    A/C access    
CAPS installation continues
AO2/Medusa, HR-AMS, ISAF teams begin installations

ATom 03/16/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, 3/16 Accomplishments
All first round instruments installed
No NOyO3 issues
CAPS installation complete

Weekend lab access but no A/C access

Monday, 19 Plan
ISAF, AO2/Medusa & HR-AMS begin installations

ATom 03/15/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, 3/15 Accomplishments
AMP, ATHOS, QCLS, MMS, TOGA, CAFS, DLH, PALMS, Picarro, SAGA and SP2 completed installations
NOyO3 installed, working pump issue
SOAP installed, conducted power checks then removed for shipping to DEN tonight
S02 installed, conducted power checks, a couple issues remain to be resolved
CAPS installation ongoing
Egress training

ATom 03/14/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 3/14 Accomplishments
ATHOS, AMP, CAFS, DLH, MMS, NOyO3, PALMS, Picarro, QCLS, SAGA and TOGA installed
Power checks ongoing (QCLS, Picarro and DLH complete)
CAPS team arrived

Thursday, 3/15 Plan
Continue installations and power checks

All ATom-4 Deployment Guides now available on website:

ATom 03/13/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 3/13 Accomplishments
NOyO3, QCLS, DLH, Picarro, TOGA, MMS, ATHOS, SAGA and CAFS mechanically installed

Wednesday, 3/14 Plan
NO on the plane in the forward pit
Check with crew prior to first boarding A/C

06:00-17:00 A/C access
Power checks

ATom 03/12/18 Mission Daily Schedule

The Atom-4 deployment is underway!

Tuesday, 3/13 Plan
06:00-18:00    A/C access

  • Window plates installed, ready for probes
  • See Terrance for all your cabling needs
  • Check with Richard Wong for pressure system requirements
  • Check with Marion or Chris Jennison for laser system requirements

Weekend A/C access TBD


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