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Andy Watt (AO2/Medusa), Rheem Nannun and Andrew (ISAF)

Pedro Campuzano Jost and Ben Nault (HR-AMS)

Pedro Campuzano Jost, Ben Nault (HR-AMS) and Lynn Lohberger (AFRC)

Mike Moore (AFRC) and Ben Nault (HR-AMS)

Shipping Container Leaves AFRC for Christchurch

Dave Tanner (Georgia Tech CIMS) and Scott Silver (AFRC)

ATom 03/26/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, March 26 Accomplishments

  • CIT-CIMS rack installed and cabled
  • NOAA CIMS cylinders loaded onto aircraft, exhaust line and inlet installed, rack powered and checked out in lab
  • GT-CIMS cylinders loaded onto aircraft, prepping rack in lab
  • MMS troubleshooting software

Tuesday, March 27 Plan

  • 06:00 - 17:30: A/C Access
  • CIT-CIMS pump installation
  • NOAA CIMS rack upload

ATom 03/22/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, 3/22 Accomplishments

  • AO2/Medusa continued optimizing 
  • CAPS team departs
  • GT-CIMS power up in lab
  • HR-AMS calibrations and software
  • ISAF completed installation
  • Sea shipment departed for Christchurch
  • Cylinder shipment departed for Anchorage, Kona and Lajes

Friday, 3/23 Plans

  • AO2/Medusa team departs
  • GT-CIMS lab work
  • HR-AMS team departs
  • ISAF team departs

ATom 03/21/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 3/21 Accomplishments
A02/Medusa mach flight
CAPS completed on a/c work, removed & stowed instrument in lab, packed
GT-CIMS installed exhaust line
HR-AMS leak checks and calibrations
ISAF finishing cabling and plumbing, power check either today or tomorrow

Thursday, 3/22 Plans
Egress training at 13:30
A02/Medusa continue optimization
CAPS departs (returns 4/8)
GT-CIMS power up in lab
HR-AMS calibrations

ATom 03/20/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Tuesday, 3/20 Accomplishments
AO2/Medusa finished installed plumbing and powered up
CAPS cross computer calibrations and systems checks
GT-CIMS staged shipping material and began to unpack
HR-AMS installed and conducted power checks and alignment
ISAF completed mechanical installation and began cabling
Shipment preparations


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