Gulfstream C-20A (GIII) - AFRC

Current Status:
Maintenance: Ops 1&2 (ends 02/28/20)

The NASA C-20A (Gulfstream III) is a business jet that has been structurally modified and instrumented by NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center to serve as a multi-role cooperative research platform for the earth science community and a variety of flight research customers. This particular aircraft, which carries the military designation of C-20A, was obtained from the U.S. Air Force in 2003.

NASA802 can support a single science flight up to ~6.0 flight hours. In addition, NASA802 can also support two science flights in one day up to 9.0 total flight hours with one ground crew.

Year built: 1983
Year entered ASP service: 2008
Year of last major maintenance: 2019
Year of next major maintenance: 2020
End of life estimate: 2026

NASA Armstrong (Dryden) Flight Research Center
Conventional Aircraft
7 hours (payload and weather dependent)
Useful Payload: 
2,500 lbs
Gross Take-off Weight: 
69,700 lbs
Onboard Operators: 
10 Aircrew
Max Altitude: 
Air Speed: 
460 knots
3,400 Nmi
NASA SMD User Fee: 
Point(s) of Contact: 

John T. McGrath

Work: (661) 276-2588
Mobile: (661) 802-3566
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