Medusa Whole Air Sampler (Medusa)


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Medusa collects 32 cryogenically dried, flow and pressure controlled samples per flight. The samples are collected by an automated sampler into 1.5 L glass flasks that integrate over 25-s (1 e-fold) periods. Medusa provides discretely-sampled comparisons for onboard in situ O2/N2 ratio and CO2 measurements and unique measurements of Ar/N2 and 13C, 14C, and 18O isotopologues of CO2. The complementary measurements allow ground-truthing of onboard instrument measurements in a laboratory setting, where analysis conditions can often be more stringently controlled and carefully monitored. Isotope and argon measurements can provide additional information about land and ocean controls over the carbon cycle, and about the age and source of the air sampled.

Medusa consists of an onboard computer, two pressure controllers, two
 pumps, three multi-position selector
valves, and a host of other hardware that
control and direct the air samples. All air
is dried by passing it through traps
immersed in a -78 C dry ice bath, adjusted to match atmospheric pressure
at sea level, and then automatically isolated in a flask. Medusa flasks are analyzed on a sector-magnet mass spectrometer and a LiCor non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer by the Scripps O2 Program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

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