C-HARRIER Monterey Bay 3D Flight Track 181022

Thanking Tim Moes, one of our excellent DC-8 mission managers on several OIB campaigns, on his last science mission after 36 years as a NASA civil servant

Icebergs ~10 km south/upstream of the terminus of the southwest tributary to Pine Island Glacier’s ice shelf. That tributary is now fully exposed to Pine Island Bay, a configuration that has not been observed since Pine Island Glacier was first spotted in

Sea ice in Pine Island Bay

Recently calved icebergs from the northern flank of B-46

A few clouds near the summit of Mount Murphy

Kelvin-Helmholtz waves (above the left wingtip), near Mount Murphy. These periodic cloud formations occur in the presence of wind shear, where wind varies sharply with altitude

More geometric tabular icebergs, off Pine Island Glacier

The new B-46 iceberg, recently calved from Pine Island Glacier, at bottom center, surrounded by its smaller brethren


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