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Ice Bridge
Operations IceBridge
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OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/16/18 Science Report

Mission: Bellingshausen-Amundsen Divide IS-2
Priority: Medium
This new mission is designed to sample the area of the Bryan Coast and inland, include PIG drainage to the Amundsen Sea and Evans drainage to the Weddell, all along ICESat-2 ground tracks. It also overflies two ice cores sites known as Bryan and Ferrigno.

OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/15/18 Science Report

Mission: Thwaites 2002
Priority: Baseline
This mission is an amalgamation of previous OIB Thwaites flights, and is primarily intended to retain the portions of those flights which in turn repeated the 2002 NASA/Chilean lines. This mission yields a very long dh/dt time history of measurements along these lines.

OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/14/18 Science Report

Mission: Long Line East IS-2
Priority: High

International Team, NASA Make Unexpected Discovery Under Greenland Ice

An international team of researchers, including a NASA glaciologist, has discovered a large meteorite impact crater hiding beneath more than a half-mile of ice in northwest Greenland.

OIB 11/14/18 Mission Daily Schedule

0600 Breakfast Opens
0800 Power On
0900 Flight brief
0930 Doors close
1000 Take off

OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/12/18 Science Report

Mission: Hamilton Line - TAM Sector
Priority: Baseline

OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/11/18 Science Report

Mission: Thwaites-Getz 3 Beam IS-2
Priority: Medium

OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/10/18 Science Report

Mission: Foundation Lakes IS-2
Priority: Low
This flight is a dh/dt repeat of the identical 15 October 2012 flight. It occupies straightened approximations of the Foundation and Support Force ice streams, and crosses several subglacial lakes in their upper portions. Many of the original lines were redesigned for 2018 along ICESat-2 ground tracks. For these tracks, we specifically target the strong beam of the center beam pair.

OIB - DC-8 - AFRC 11/09/18 Science Report

Mission: Support Force / Upper Blackwall IS-2
Priority: Low
This new flight is designed to survey the channel of Support Force and upper Blackwall Glacier, mostly along ICESat-2 ground tracks. For these tracks, we specifically target the strong beam of each beam pair. The cross-flow lines also address gaps in Bedmap-2 coverage. 

Massive Antarctic Iceberg Spotted on NASA IceBridge Flight

NASA’s Operation IceBridge flew over an iceberg that is three times the size of Manhattan – the first time anyone has laid eyes on the giant iceberg, dubbed B-46 by the U.S. National Ice Center, that broke off from Pine Island Glacier in late October.


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