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ATom - DC-8 04/27/18 Science Report

ATom-4 SF#2 Science Report: Flight from Palmdale, CA to Anchorage, AK

ATom - DC-8 04/24/18 Science Report

ATom-4 SF#1 Science Report: Flight from Palmdale, CA to the equator.

ATom 04/22/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, April 23

  • 06:00 - 17:30  A/C access
  • 07:00  Badging office opens
  • 09:00  Weather briefing
  • 10:00  Flight planning meeting
  • 13:00  Daily meeting and CI/CT briefing in B703 lab
  • LN2 and dry ice delivery scheduled

Barry Lefer, Michael Prather, and Tom Ryerson chatting

Barry Lefer with the NASA Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures Presentation

Jack Dibb attending to filters

Post test flight in lab

ATom 04/13/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Friday, 4/13 Accomplishments
Media Day
Successful conduct of TF02
All objectives met; good flight

Instruments do not have to be in flight configuration
prior to your departure as there will be no flights until PMD/PMD (4/24)

Saturday, 4/14 Plans
None, beginning of Problem Resolution Period

The Plan of the Day will take a hiatus until 4/22

ATom 04/12/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, 4/12 Accomplishments
Instruments prepared for TF02

Friday, 4/13 Plan
06:00    a/c access
07:30    preflight in lab
08:30    door closed
09:00    take off
After landing:
instrument power down
a/c towed into hangar
2 hour a/c access

Saturday, 4/14
only essential a/c access

(ops engineer & avionics support only)

ATom 04/11/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, 4/11 Accomplishments
Weather brief
Flight planning meeting
Instrument flight preparations

Thursday, 4/12 Plans
06:00    a/c access
07:30    preflight briefing in lab
08:30    door closed
09:00    take-off

Styrofoam coffee cups are no longer being provided on the a/c
You must bring your own cup and it must have a lid
Make sure to use the headsets to save your ears


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