OIB Integration Sites

Route 405 ADVISORY - LA-Palmdale, CA


DC-8 Integration Site - Palmdale, CA

The DC-8 will participate in the IceBridge Mission during October/November 2016. Payload integration and instrument check flights will be conducted from Building 703 at Armstrong Flight Research Center in Palmdale, CA. Deployment for science flights will be to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Building 703 (previously the DAOF) is conveniently located in the city of Palmdale, California which offers a variety of hotel, restaurant and car rental options. Los Angeles International, Burbank, and Ontario airports are all within 1.5 hours drive. Directions to Building 703 can be found here.

Hardware integration on the DC-8 will start in September 2016, see the Mission Schedule for details. Experiment teams are planned to arrive during various periods between the start of integration and deployment on October 2016.

Chris Jennison and Karen Richards are your main contacts at AFRC. Here is their contact information:

Chris Jennison
(661) 276-2520
(661) 810-6912

Karen Richards
E-Mail: karen.l.richards@nasa.gov
Fax: (661) 276-6098
(please provide a cover that denotes 'Karen Richards, DC-8 OIB Mission')
Phone: (661) 276-3675
Cell: (661) 209-6569

Visitor Badging and Background Information Requirements

All visitors to the DOAF must complete the 'Experimenter Worksheet' (Appendix A) which will be used for badging and access key cards. The information will be purged from our files within (1) year after completion of the mission. Only your name, business affiliation, address, and phone number will be kept in our AFRC Airborne Science Controlled Customer List.

Please complete all information requested and provide copies of the required documents to Anne Odenthal as noted in the instructions.

Time is of the essence in this matter. This information should be received by us no later than 30 days in advance of the visit. Individuals who are holders of valid "green cards" will be considered on the same basis as other "U.S. persons". The Experimenter Worksheets for Foreign Nationals from countries on the 'Designated Countries' list should be received no later than 70 days in advance of the visit. Failure to receive the request in a timely manner could result in denial of the request.

Export Control

Export Control is an important consideration in DC-8 missions where the aircraft will land outside the U.S., where the DC-8 will be hosting tours, or where foreign nationals will participate in the preparation or performance of an experiment. Appendix B provides background and guidance on your responsibilities in this regard.

The Principle Investigator for each experiment must provide a signed 'Information Statement' regarding the technology sensitivity of their equipment. A form for this purpose and instructions are also provided in Appendix B. Please fax this information to Karen Richards at 661-276-6098 as soon as possible.

Foreign national visitors will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when they arrive at AFRC. This agreement certifies that they will not, nor will they knowingly permit others to disclose, export, or transfer in any manner, to any other foreign nationals any export control sensitive technologies they may be exposed to in the course of their association with NASA AFRC.

Flight Participation

All persons that will fly on-board the DC-8 during the IceBridge Mission must provide the following 2 forms (attached as Appendix C and D):

Form DFRC 176-7b Airborne Science Flight Participation Form
The form has two sides and we prefer that you produce it on a single sheet of paper by either duplex printing or re-feeding it through a copier. Before you leave your home site, please obtain a signature in section 1 of the form from your supervisor, sponsor, or other responsible authority in your organization. Also complete sections 2 and 3. Block 3 is contact information of someone you want notified in the event of an emergency.

*Bring* the form with you when you join the DC-8. DO NOT send it before hand. We will complete the remainder of the form after you arrive.

When filled out, this form falls under numerous privacy laws and government regulations regarding sensitive but unclassified information, therefore the form will only be retained for the duration of the DC-8 IceBridge Mission.

Flight Medical Clearance Form

Please print and fill in completely

You may fax your Medical Clearance Form directly to the NASA Dryden Flight Surgeon, Dr. Gregg Bendrick, at: (661) 276-2392.

Note: Life insurance is the responsibility of the individual. NASA does not automatically insure personnel aboard the DC-8.

Additional Information

Download: After returning from the IceBridge mission the download of instruments will commence (late November to early December 2016 ).

Proper Attire: Sandals and open-toed or high heel shoes ARE NOT ALLOWED in Building 703 AFRC nor on board the DC-8. Please be prepared for this when you arrive for payload integration or test flights. Also, skirts and shorts are not appropriate flight attire for the DC-8. Flight participants wearing these will be asked to change into long pants or a flight suit before being allowed to fly.


A quick review of the required paperwork:

Required forms

Export Control & Principal Investigator's Information Statement

Each Visitor to the DAOF
Experimenter's Worksheet

Each DC-8 Flight Participant
DFRC 176-7b
Flight Medical Clearance Form




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