TC4 Shipping


Steve Davis/Rick Shetter
c/o McClellan Jet Services, LLC
3028 Peacekeeper Way
McClellan, CA 95652 USA
(PI / Team Name)
916.641.8970 MJS phone

701-330-2126 S.Davis cell
701-330-2126 R. Shetter cell
916-640-1839 NSERC fax

Truck shipments can be directed to:

Steve Davis
Hangar 375
McClellan Air Park
McClellan, CA 95652
(PI / Team Name)
701-330-2126 S.Davis cell
701-330-5304 D. Bailes cell


Dryden Flight Research Center Shipping Address:
NASA Dryden ER-2
Bldg 4876 Whse 6
Attn: Kevin Kraft
4840 Bay 2,
Edwards, CA. 93523
(PI / Team Name)


Ellington shipments to arrive July 2nd, 10:00am
NASA Ellington Field Shipping Address:
Bldg. 994/Ellington Field
Houston, TX 77034
(PI / Team Name)
Attn: Mike Craig: TC4
Cell: 831-239-5456

Costa Rica

Please contact Quincy Allison for specific instructions.