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TC4 Science - Presentations

Wednesday, 25 April

8:00a Coffee/Registration


Moderator - Mike Kurylo

9:00a Introductions, NASA Headquarters perspective, TC4 security - Mike Kurylo/ Hal Maring

9:30a Overview of the TC4 mission and scientific objectives - Brian Toon

10:00a Scientific opportunities and practical realities of the meteorology near Costa Rica - Dave Starr

10:30a Break


Moderator - Hal Maring

11:00a Logistics for integration sites, Costa Rica, and Panama - Marilyn Vasques & Kathy Thompson

12:00n Lunch


Moderator - Brian Toon

1:15p ER-2 payload and objectives - Paul Newman/Steve Platnick

1:45p WB-57F payload and objectives - Eric Jensen/Steve Wofsy

2:15p DC-8 payload and objectives - Mark Schoeberl/Paul Wennberg

2:45p Ideas for aircraft instrument intercomparisons - Eric Jensen/Paul Wennberg

3:00p Break

3:30p Subpanel meetings

- DC-8 - Mark Schoeberl/Paul Wennberg

- ER-2 - Paul Newman/Steve Platnick

- WB-57F - Eric Jensen/Steve Wofsy



Thursday, 26 April

8:00a Coffee/registration


Moderator - Eric Jensen

9:00a Aura validation science and mission strategy - Mark Schoeberl

9:30a CloudSat science goals and mission strategy - Jay Mace

10:00a CALIPSO science goals and mission strategy - Chip Trepte

10:30a Break

Thursday, 26 April (continued)

Moderator - Mark Schoeberl

11:00a Cirrus cloud microphysics science goals and mission strategy - Jay Mace

11:30a Aqua validation science and mission strategy - Steve Platnick

12:00n Lunch


Moderator - Paul Newman

1:30p Water vapor/isotopes science goals and mission strategy - Eric Jensen

2:00p Atmospheric chemistry in the TTL science goals and mission strategy - Paul Wennberg

2:30p Dynamics of the TTL science goals and mission strategy - Paul Newman

3:00p Break


Moderator - Dave Starr

3:30p Subpanel meetings

- Ground-based instruments and balloons - John Gerlach/Anne Thompson

- Forecasting/flight planning - Lenny Pfister/Rennie Selkirk

- Mission strategy for validation - Jay Mace/Steve Platnick/Mark Schoeberl/ Chip Trepte



Friday, 27 April

8:00a Coffee/registration

8:30a Logistics FAQs and reminders - Marilyn Vasques & Kathy Thompson

8:45a Real-Time Mission Monitor


Moderator - Steve Wofsy

9:00a Report from DC-8 subpanel meeting - Mark Schoeberl/Paul Wennberg

9:10a Report from the mission strategy for validation subpanel meeting -Jay Mace/ Steve Platnick/Mark Schoeberl/Chip Trepte

9:20a Report from WB-57F subpanel meeting - Eric Jensen/Steve Wofsy

9:40a Report from ER-2 subpanel meeting - Paul Newman/Steve Platnick

10:00a Break


Moderator - Steve Platnick

10:30a Report from ground-based instruments subpanel meeting - John Gerlach/Anne Thompson

10:45a Report from the forecasting/flight planning subpanel meeting - Lenny Pfister/Rennie Selkirk

11:00a General discussion

11:30a Adjourn