ORACLES Shipping

Revised: June 6, 2018

ORACLES 2018 Shipping Overview
ESPO will be facilitating air and sea shipments from the integration site, Wallops Flight Facility, to the deployment site, and then back to Wallops at the end of the 2018 campaign. The sea shipment, departing in the early summer, will be for instrument and lab support equipment not required for integration. The air shipment will be for tools and equipment required for integration. 
Relative Cost of Air vs. Sea Shipments
For the cost of shipping 1 pallet via air, we can ship 5 via sea. Where possible, please separate items required for integration from any general lab support equipment.
We will be shipping items regulated as dangerous goods (hazmats) via the sea shipment. Calibration gases required for integration and check flights will either be transported on the P-3 or will be available at the deployment site. 
Please include a detailed list of all dangerous goods you intend to ship (including quantities) on the "Haz Mats" tab of ORACLES 2018 Sea Shipment Manifest. Please note that lithium ion batteries are regulated as dangerous goods and need to be accounted for. Please identify the watt-hour rating of the batteries you’d like to ship on the spreadsheet as well.

Itemized Content Lists
All instrument teams should return completed content lists to Sommer Beddingfield by 5/18/18 for the sea shipment and by 8/24/18 for the air shipment.

WFF to São Tomé and Príncipe (STP)
Cargo Due at WFF by 6/8/18
Cargo Departs WFF 6/15/18
ETA at STP 9/3/18
Return Sea Shipment (Tentative Dates, TBD)
STP to WFF - Depart 11/15/18, Arrive 1/14/19

WFF to São Tomé and Príncipe (STP)
Cargo Due at WFF by 9/5/18
Cargo Departs WFF 9/14/18
ETA STP 9/24/18

Return Air Shipment (Tentative Dates, TBD)
STP to WFF - Depart 11/1/18, Arrive 11/26/18

Shipments to Wallops Flight Facility
Instrument Teams are responsible for shipping to/from the integration site. ESPO will ship to/from the deployment site. Please pack any fragile or sensitive equipment in hard shell cases with plenty of cushioning and avoid shipping loose items whenever possible. Clearly label all boxes with the following information:
Instrument name
PI's name & phone number 

Shipping Point of Contact (POC) Info
Sommer Beddingfield ( (650) 450-7645
Kelly Griffin ( (757) 854-7623

Shipping Address Wallops Flight Facility 
NASA Wallops Flight Facility
34200 Fulton Street
Bldg. N159 Hangar
Wallops Island, VA 23337
Attn: ORACLES, (Instrument Name) c/o Kelly Griffin (757) 854-7623

NOTE: Please make your shipper is aware that the delivery gate at WFF closes at 4 pm local time.  Let Kelly Griffin know that shipment is coming beforehand.