ORACLES Medical Evacuation Insurance

Sao Tome Medical Evacuation Coverage

As you all will be working out of Sao Tome, this medical evacuation coverage is highly recommended for the entire length of ORACLES 2018. You will be required to enter the name of the insurance company, the policy number, the date issued and the policy expiration date on the entry permit application.

We are asking that all ORACLES participants, who are not US government employees and whose employer does not provide travel insurance that includes medical evacuation coverage, purchase an individual policy. This coverage should cost between $60-$80. The difference in cost between a policy that just covers Emergency Medical Evacuation or Full Coverage (Platinum) is very minimal. Platinum is the only level that offers the minimum Medical Evacuation coverage. Please check with your employer first before purchasing a policy to see if you are already covered.
For those who are U.S. residents and whose employer does not provide sufficient travel insurance to meet this requirement, we recommend going to the following link to purchase a policy.

Online Process (Full Coverage (Platinum) – Avg Price $75):

  • Select State of Residency
  • Select Destination Country (Sao Tome & Principe)
  • Enter your departure and return dates
  • If you are on the P-3 for the 2018 deployment, enter 09/21/2018 as your departure and 10/31/2018 as your return date. This provides a little buffer in case of delays.
  • Enter today’s date as the trip deposit date and Final Payment Date
  • Enter ‘0’ as the trip cost
  • Enter your birthdate

For those who are not U.S. residents and whose employer does not provide travel insurance, we do not have a readymade solution. If you need any assistance finding a policy, please contact Liz Juvera (


NASA government employees are covered by TMH Medical Services ( and should provide the Policy Number: 1606001 on the Ascension Island entry permit application. Add the following comment to Part 6, Additional Information: "NASA Federal Employees are covered by a contract with TMH Medical Services, Inc. who provides medical support for international business travel, including medical evacuation."

Other sources for travel insurance are included at the following link: