ORACLES Cabo Verde Location Details

Cabo Verde
1.  Power is 230 V/50 Hz.  Outlets/plugs are type C and F -- two pronged, perhaps familiar to you from European travel.
2.  Currency. Local currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo, with the $ symbol and abbreviation CVE. Euros are widely used and dollars are also acceptable in some places. The exchange rate is ~94 CVE: 1 USD; 110 CVE: 1 €. The hotel is all inclusive so we think you will not need any currency.
Arrival scenario for Cabo Verde
Tower will assign one of five fueling spots on arrival. Overnight parking is not necessarily the same location as fueling. The plane may moved to its sleeping location after activity.

  1. Wear your hi-vis vest.
  2. Post flight Debrief will be in the Safeport terminal conference room. This building is clearly labeled.  Safeport will move persons by vehicle from the plane to the Safeport terminal. 
  3. Wifi network will be communicated via MTS so you can WhatsApp upon arrival
  4. You do not go through immigration and customs until you are ready to depart the airport for the hotel. This is accomplished at the Safeport terminal, not at the commercial terminal. There is no form to fill out; just bring your baggage and have your passport ready.
  5. After the debrief, those who want to leave can board a shuttle.  Personnel who need to return to the plane for access, will be transported via Safeport vehicle/escort.  If appropriate, you can simply stay on the plane, skip the briefing, and depart when you complete your work. 
  6. When science, fueling, etc. is complete the plane may need to move to its overnight parking spot.
  7. Safeport will run shuttles efficiently until you all get to the hotel.
  8. Hotel notes: You will stay at the Melia Sol Dunas Hotel. Please try and pay your bill when you check-in. Facility is all-inclusive so it should be easy to avoid incurring charges after payment. ESPO will give you two plastic containers you can use to pack a flight lunch (from dinner/breakfast buffets). You can store dinner food overnight in your room fridge. You should find two bottles of water in the room fridge.

Departure Day 

  1. If needed, we will schedule an early breakfast at Hotel Spices restaurant 
  2. Shuttles schedule TBD
  3. Everyone is processed for customs/immigration at the Safeport terminal prior to going to the plane.  No issue with bringing liquids through to the P-3.  If you will have restricted items (e.g. tools) to bring in, let us know ahead of time as a list will need to be prepared and presented to customs.
  4. Wear your hi-vis vest.