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Mario got to fly! Flight #12

ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 09/30/18 Science Report

  • Flight 7:12-14:35UTC
  • High-altitude transit for HSRL
  • Found somewhat broken clouds at ~7.5S. 
  • Radiation wall module components:
    • Spiral in somewhat heavier cloud field.
    • Ramped ascent south-bound to just above cloud.
    • Above, below, then sawtooth in-cloud 2-sawtooth leg. Chose sawtooth to capture variability in microphysics.

{AMS, CCN compromised below 3000’ altitude by PTI leak up until end of cloud legs}

ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 10/05/18 Science Report

Transited on 5E to 9.0S, then headed east to find low-cloud-fraction region. At ~7E went south to 9.5S, then headed west. 
Did a radiation wall between approx. 5.5E and 7W on 9.5S. This included, in order:

ORACLES 10/22/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Monday, Oct 22nd POD – Access Day 
All times in Local time
0900 Weather/forecast
1000-1200 Flight planning discussion
1500 Shuttle: Hotel to SuperCKDO to Hotel before 1600
1600 Science debrief and Tuesday flight plan briefing
~1730 Following the Science Debrief: 
             Reflection by the team on the 3 years of deployments
            ORACLES Trivia Contest 
Begin organizing your shipments – Sommer arrives Tuesday evening

ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 10/12/18 Science Report

This was a target of opportunity flight to: a) resample boundary layer air first sampled on PRF#07, and b) sample cloud properties across aerosol boundaries.


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