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Pallets all ready for air shipment from Sao Tome back to Wallops via C-130

Loading of trailers from airport to port for shipping from Sao Tome back to USA

ESPO and Pestana Sao Tome hotel liaison

Appreciation to Fuel support

Appreciation to local Meteorologist

P-3 transit back to Wallops

Lenny Pfister celebration in Sao Tome of his Exceptional Service Medal

samuelleblanc/fp: Moving Lines: NASA airborne research flight planning tool release (Version v1.21)

ORACLES - P-3 Orion - WFF 10/23/18 Science Report

Survey flight going west along 5S, preceeded by high-altitude leg along 5E. Square spiral at 3W, 5S, followed by 3 cloudy boundary layer samples, all west of 5E, on the way back. Persistent aerosol layer at 6-7 kft, with overall low aerosol loading (max aod ~0.2). Low clouds extended to north of 5S, were typically precipitating. Boundary layer only very mildly polluted. In 2nd BL, a double-layered stratocumulus cloud had higher Nd in the lower layer compared to the upper layer. APR had a good day, with data gathered at all 3 frequencies.

ORACLES 10/25/18 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, Oct 25th – Transit Flight
All times in Local time
0430 Hotel Limited Breakfast
0530 Weather Briefing
0530 – Dan takes Ground Crew 
0600 – Shuttle takes Pilots, FE’s and early Science people to Airport Tower Entrance
0630 – Shuttle takes Science Transit Flyers to Airport Tower Entrance
0700 – Susan delivers passports and collects airport badges and vests
0715 Shuttle: Hotel to Airport to watch take-off
0730 Doors Close 
0800 P-3 take-off 


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