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Joe Finlon UW Forecaster

Doug Huie And Max Van Keuren (AMPR)

Data Manager (Stacy Brodzik) And Forecaster (Joe Finlon)

Brent Sweeping the Offices at Hunter

Brent Prepping Hunter for Instrument Team Arrival

IMPACTS Media Day Cory Bartholomew

IMPACTS 02/29/20 Mission Daily Schedule

Dear IMPACTS friends,
Today is our last scheduled project day, so this email is to say CONGRATULATIONS!!  and Thank you!  for a job well done!
The first year of IMPACTS operations was a success because of everyone’s dedication and commitment to the project. Now is time to take a breath, and start your data analysis and prep yourself for our science meeting (we are checking some final details and we will announce the date and location in the next couple of days).


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