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To Predict Snowfall, NASA Planes Fly into the Storm

Scientific American's Susan Cosier writes that cloud-diving expeditions reveal the hidden physics of brewing snowstorms.
Photo credit: Jelle Wagenaar

IMPACTS 2023 Science Team Meeting

ER-2 Weather Spy in the Sky

The Weather Channel reports on the IMPACTS mission, including its airborne science platforms and instruments. The story features interviews with ER-2 Pilot James G. “Coach” Nelson, IMPACTS Principal Investigator Lynn McMurdie, and Mission Scientists Chip Helms (CRS), Ed Nowottnick (CPL), David Robles (CoSSIR), and Douglas Mach (LIP).

NASA wraps up mission sending scientists flying into snowstorms

A NASA research field campaign launched in 2020 has flown scientists into winter storms across Wisconsin and the U.S. to answer lingering questions about winter storms. The project ended Feb. 28. We speak with an atmospheric scientist who led the project

NASA research group hopes to learn more about winter storms by flying into them

A NASA research group called IMPACTS has been flying into winter storms with the hopes of learning more about the weather phenomenon. IMPACTS principal investigator Lynn McMurdie joined FOX Weather on Sunday to explain the group’s mission.

ER-2 and ESPO at Dobbins ARB

IMPACTS 03/01/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful and successful field campaign 2023! As we pack up our equipment and head home, instructions and announcements will follow separately from Dobbins and Wallops.
Lynn, John, Gerry, and I will follow up with the next steps, science team meetings, data workshops, etc. stay tuned!
Have a safe trip back home!
Plan of the Day for Wednesday, March 1st
Final science flight project totals: ER-2 (12), P-3 (13), and 10 coordinated flights.

Peter Pantina (CRS) And Tim Lange (AMPR) Review Data Following A Successful ER 2 Calibration Flight

IMPACTS 02/28/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day for Tuesday, February 28th
All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) 
Tuesday 28 February: Planned Science Flight
0130               Maintenance show/tow out
0200               Aircrew/science show time
0230               Pilots’ Science Brief
0320               Planeside/doors close
0400               Takeoff
~1200             RTB at WFF

Vidal Salazar Interviewed In P3 By Westminster High Students


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