KORUS-AQ Instrument Teams

KORUS-AQ Leadership & Planning
K-SP2 - Korean Single Particle Soot Photometer - Aerosol Chemistry Team, Air Quality Research Division/NIER
K-CCN - Korean Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter - Cloud Physics Lab - Yonsei University
PTR-ToF-MS measurements of NMHCs - Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer - University of Oslo / University of Innsbruck
CIMS Instrument – California Institute of Technology Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer
NOxyO3 - Four- Channel Chemiluminexcence Instrument  for In Situ Measurements of NO, NO2, NOy, O3 – NCAR
Ozone Sondes – NASA GSFC – University of Maryland – Pennsylvania State University
HD-SP2 - Dual-Humidified Single Particle Soot Photometer Team - NOAA
4STAR – Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-tracking, Atmospheric Research - NASA Ames  
PTR-(HR)TOF-MS – VOC Measurements NIER
Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, SNU
Ground-Based Tropospheric Ozone Lidar – NASA GSFC
National Exposure Research Laboratory - Office of Research and Development – EPA
HR-AMS - High-Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer - University of Colorado
K-CCN - Korean Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter - Remote Sensing – Yonsei University
GeoTASO Measurements of Aerosols and Tropospheric NO2, O3, CH2O, and SO2 and VCD
Advanced geostationary and Lidar satellite data exploitation – NRL
Collaborative Ground & Airborne Observations by CIMS – GaTECH Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer -UCI – KU – HUFS
In Situ Formaldehyde – NASA GSFC
CAFS – CCD Actinic Flux Spectroradiometer - NASA – NCAR
DIAL / HSRL – UV Ozone and Aerosol Differential Absorption Lidar - NASA
CAMS – Compact Atmospheric Multispecies Spectrometer - University of Colorado
Global and Regional Chemical Forecasting and Analysis – NCAR
DACOM / DLH –  Differential Absorption CO Measurement & Diode Laser Hygrometer - LaRC
AVOCET - Atmospheric Vertical Observations of CO 2 in the Earth's Troposphere - LaRC
SAGA – UNH Soluble Acidic Gases and Aerosols
GEOS-5 Aerosol Group – NASA GSFC
TD – LIF - Thermal Dissociation-Laser Induced Fluorescence of NO2
Regional Scale Modeling
ATHOS & OH Reactivity – Airborne Tropospheric Hydrogen Oxides Sensor - Penn State
WAS – Whole Air Sampler - UCI
LARGE – Langley Aerosol Research Group Experiment - NASA LaRC
Earth Science Project Office (ESPO)
NIER Instrument Team for Bulkwang & Olympic Park Ground Site
NIER Instrument Team for Baengnyeong
Bulkwang & Olympic Park Ground Sites - ABC Trade: TSI Incorporated
Bulkwang & Olympic Park Ground Sites - Air Quality Management Laboratory (AQML Lab) - Yonsei University
Bulkwang & Olympic Park Ground Sites - SCH Integrated Research Center for Risk Assessment - Measurement of Real-Time Black Carbon Concentrations using aethalometers (AE51 and AE33)
CRDS - Yonsei University - Ecosystem - Atmosphere Process Study
NIER Instrument Team for Jungbu in Daejeon
K-CEAS/K-ACES - Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectrometer/ Airborne Cavity Enhanced Spectrometer - GIST ATMOS Lab 
HR-ToF-AMS - Real time measurement of Non-Refractory PMcomposition and chemistry - KIST
Ground - KOR - National Institute of Meteorological Studies
NIER Instrument Team for Kwangju
NIER Instrument Team for Jeju
LICP - Laboratory for Ice Core and Paleoclimate - Seoul National University
MAAP - PTIBC - Korea University of Technology and Education
NOx, NOy, NO2 - Bulkwang & Olympic Park Ground Sites - Kunsan National University
Pukyong National University Modeling Team
NIER Receptor Model
SMPS, OPC Ground - KOR - GIST - Size distribution and Chemical Analysis at Gwangju site During KORUS-AQ Campaign
Theory Team - Meterology, Modeling, Satellite & Other - Ajou University
NIER Instrument Team for Ulsan
Yonsei University - Remote Sensing
Ministry of Environment - NIER Department of Air Quality Research - CIMS Taehua Forest Observatory