KORUS-AQ Ground Team Shipping

Updated: March 1, 2016

KORUS-AQ Shipments From the US to Korea
NIER will be facilitating the duty-free importation of instruments and support equipment for KORUS-AQ. You may download the instructions below as a .pdf file here

Instructions for Importing Duty Free Into Korea
The easiest way to import your instruments and equipment into the Korea, is to use NIER's agent for customs clearing.  You must contact Joon-Young Ahn and Jeong-Hoo Park 7 days in advance of sending your shipment so an import duty exemption certificate may be created. After this duty exemption is in process, please direct your freight forwarder or shipping agent to contact Mr. Byounghoon Park (park77@hotmail.com) at the Jipyung Customs and Auditing Corp. He will finalize the necessary import duty exemption certificate for KORUS ground team shipments and will facilitate the customs clearing process. Please Note: Your freight forwarder is still responsible for arranging final delivery to the site.

Information Required for Customs Clearing. 

  1. Itemized Commercial Invoice (below for required information)
  2. Date of Shipment
  3. Master Airway Bill Number
  4. House Airway Bill Number
  5. Any special export documents or technology licenses required by the US government, if applicable.
Itemized Commercial Invoice
A commercial invoice will include the following:
  1. Manufacturer 
  2. Model number and serial number
  3. Country of Manufacture
  4. Estimated Cost in US dollars

Important Shipping Document Information:

Ultimate Consignee:
National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER)
Environmental Research Complex
Hwangyong-ro 42
SEO-GU Incheon 404708
ATTN: Dr. Joon-Young Ahn 

Intermediate Consignee:
Jipyung Customs and Auditing Corp
146-3, Gonghangdong-ro 296beon-gil
jung-gu, Incheon, Korea 400-340
ATTN: Byounghoon Park (82 32 744 8353)

Delivery Address - 
To be arranged with either NIER 

Shipping and Logistics Point of Contact (POC) Info: 
 Steven Todorov (steven.m.todorov@nasa.gov), (650) 996-9335
NIER Joon-Young Ahn  (nierair@korea.kr)
Jipyung Customs and Auditing Corp - Byounghoon Park (park77@hotmail.com), (82 32 744 8353)