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HS3 08/21/14 Daily Schedule

Overview - today's flight is on but with AV-1 not AV-6

-     AV-1 Transit Flight tonight
-     AV-6 Transit Flight possible tomorrow night   

TONIGHT - Aug 21, 2014: AV-1 Transit
-     AFRC (PDT):
           1700 Engine Start
           1800 Takeoff

-     WFF (EDT):
           1930 Staff GHOCE for AV-1 Transit
           2000 Engine Start
           2100 Takeoff

HS3 08/20/14 Daily Schedule

-     AV-1 Transit Flight tonight
-     AV-6 Transit Flight tomorrow night
Today's Accomplishments:
-     AV-6 Fuel and Pre-flight

D-1 Hangar ready for AV-1

HS3 08/19/14 Daily Schedule


-          AV-1 Transit Flight tonight

HS3 08/18/14 Daily Schedule


HS3 08/15/14 Daily Schedule


HS3 08/14/14 Daily Schedule


HS3 08/13/14 Daily Schedule


Low-Light Camera now on AV-1


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