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HS3 08/04/14 Daily Schedule


   AV-1 & AV-6 on schedule

   AV-6 Range Flight this Wed.

Today’s Accomplishments:

   AV-6 CST Completed successfully (Camera Pics)

   HS3 Dry Run started

Plan for Tomorrow (Tuesday):

    0630: Fuel aircraft

    0730 – 0930: Pre-flight Instruments

AV-6 Arrives WFF

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 (All day)

HS3 08/01/14 Daily Schedule


   AV-6 “CST” on Monday (see Schedule below)

   Dry Run starts on Monday (see Schedule below)

Today’s Accomplishments:

   AV-6 Preflight activity

No activity Saturday - Sunday

Outlook Next Week:

   Monday (4Aug): AV-6 CST (all times PDT):

AV-6 returns from testing (07.31.14)

HDVis Enviro Test (07.31.14)

HS3 07/31/14 Daily Schedule


   AV-6 Ready for “CST” on Monday (see CST Schedule below)

   AV-1 Ready for Science Team’s return on 11Aug

 Today’s Accomplishments:

   AV-6 Data-IT activity

    o   Ku testing with HS3’14 Ku Transmission Plan

   HDVis Environmental Lab Test successful

ORR (Pacific Time)

Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 08:00 - 09:00

HS3 07/30/14 Daily Schedule


    AV-1 Ready for CST – Science Team’s on scheduled break from AFRC/WFF

    AV-6 Ready for CST (pic)


Today’s Accomplishments:

    AV-6 Data-IT activity

    o   S-HIS Pre-flight complete for CST

AV-1 and AV-6 ready for CSTs (07.30.14)

Don Sullivan sets up Inst. Network Servers (07.30.14)


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