Sao Tome Travel Checklist


Aircraft JPL   Extra  
  Civil Servants Contractors/ University Civil Servants Contractors Contractors   Non-USA Citizens Due By
Verify Dates in ESPO database x x x x x     NOW
Arrange Travel Through SSAI   x           NOW
Arrange Travel Through NASA Travel x   x         NOW
x   x          
Request actuals for hotel & note cancellation policies on TA
x   x          
Arrange Travel Through Employer       x x     NOW
Verify Hotel Reservation x x x x x     NOW
Fill out Visa online form x x x x x     NOW-if stay is <26 days
HTSOS Training Complete and upload certificate x Contractors x x x     NOW
Advanced Notice Form (ANF) Ames Ames Contractors           NOW
Medical Insurance x x x x x     NOW
P-3 Travelers                 
x x x x x     NOW
Check if Visa for Barbados is need (transit only, not for US Citizens)

ESPO database – locations and dates

  • Action: Verify that your dates are correct for your arrival on site in São Tomé by clicking on Registration in the menu while logged in.

30-day waiver (Civil Servants only)

  • whole project waiver is approved for 2018
  • Action: Civil Servants include note on Travel Orders.

Hotel reservation – confirmation #. Cancellation policies.

  • Action: Verify your dates are correct in the file shared files and to get your confirmation number.
  • Contact Dan if your confirmation # is not in the file and you are expecting one. 
  • Stiff cancelation policies compared to the US, cancelation fees covered by the project so please double check.

Visa - for São Tomé and Gabon

  • NOW: If your stay is <26 days, go to to fill out an application.  If longer than 26 days, there is another process being considered so WAIT before applying online.  
  • Action: Upload VISA confirmation to the mission database under Extra Documentation.
  • FYI: No need to request Gabon visa if from a G20 country (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union).  If you are potential P-3 flyer for transit or science flights from São Tomé, you do need to apply for a Gabon visa.  Contact Bernie or Susan. 

HTSOS training

  • Action: Complete HTSOS training. Submit completion certificate to the ESPO database under Extra Documentation.
  • If you are not a civil servant, contact If you are a civil servant, the process is documented here.
  • Note: Password expires after 2 weeks will need to contact the LearnCenter help team to get it reset.

Advanced Notice Form

  • This file is required of AMES contractors (i.e. BAERI) so please upload to ESPO database.  AMES CS have a different form that you included with your travel authorization and you do not have to upload to ESPO database.  They use it to communicate with the State Department as to who is traveling out of the country.  Other centers (JPL, GSFC, WFF, etc) want this information but may collect it in a different way. 
  • Note: if flying on P-3 please note that on document instead of flight itinerary
  • Action: Upload to ESPO database under Extra Documentation
  • Action: Upload flight Itinerary to ESPO database under Extra Documentation

Medical preparation for foreign travel

  • Check your insurance
  • Recommended Vaccinations:
    • MMR, HepA, typhoid, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.
    • consider anti-malaria 
    • Yellow fever required in some instances if transiting a YF country. See CDC web site.

P3 medical clearance

Mission Tools Suite (MTS)

  • Mission Tools Suite is the web portal we'll use for tracking the aircraft and flight planning during the mission.
  • If you’ve used MTS before ORACLES should now show up in your workspace.
  • If it doesn’t please email
  • If you haven’t used MTS and did not receive an invite, or don’t remember if you did, contact Susan McFadden.