ORACLES HTSOS Training Process for Civil Servants


Below is the process for getting NASA civil servants registered to take their HTSOS course:

1)      First, submit a SF-182 on SATERN for the HTSOS course 
a.       It will need to go through usual approval process before Training Office can approve
2)      In addition, send a OPM SF-182 to the Training Office through email or fax (p. 1-2 ONLY)
a.       IMPORTANT: The OPM SF-182 is the ONLY form that the Foreign Services Institute (FSI) accepts and it is used to register and send the course link to the learner
                                                               i.      The learner must include your SSN# and birth date on this form
1.       NOTE: Make sure to encrypt your emails, as it contains PII
                                                             ii.      Most info can be manually copied over from SATERN SF-182 to OPM SF-182
b.      Section D Approvals: The learner will need to get signatures from their supervisor (1d), their org's resource executive (2d), and the security training officer (3d).
                                                               i.      Security training officer = Gabe Lozano 
3)      Afterwards, the Training Office will forward both forms to the NSSC for payment 
a.       Once the learner receives "FINAL APPROVAL NOTIFICATION" from the NSSC, it is the learners responsibility to contact FSI to send them the course link if they have not received it yet
                                                               i.      FSI will directly email the learner with instructions and a link to the course
4)      Complete the course and send the certificate of completion to Gabe Lozano
 If you have any questions regarding the HTSOS course, please contact Christine Doan 650-604-4662 or Gabe Lozano (