Ascension Island Location Details

Ascension Island
Arrival Requirements/Expectations

Requirements for those arriving on NASA Aircraft

  1. Everyone must have an approved Entry Permit  (ESPO Will Submit the permit you supply)
    1. Application must be submitted at least 14 days prior to intended arrival date
  2. Everyone must have tangible proof of medevac insurance (coverage up to $1M USD)
  3. Entry Permit Fee:
    1. £25.00 at least 14 days prior to intended arrival date. Paid By ESPO
    2. £35.00 less than 14 days prior to intended arrival date
  4. Foreign Visitors Request (for non U.S. citizens)  *Submitted by ESPO*
    1. Must be submitted at least 30 days prior to arrival
    2. Only valid for 3 months from the date of approval


  1. Base lodging will be prearranged and approved by USAF base commander
  2. Lodging is then set up by Norma Thomas (base housing coordinator)
  3. Lodging must be paid for, prior to departure, and is currently $20/night.  Only $USD accepted for payment.
  4.  Suggestion - bring $50.00 cash USD

Arrival Scenario

  1. Everyone gets on a bus that takes them to the USAF processing center
  2. Everyone receives briefing regarding staying on Ascension.  The immigration officer (Acting Inspector Mr. Clarence Roberts and/or Lisa Bailey) should be at the briefing to process everyone.
  3. Everyone can go to his or her assigned room.  The keys should probably be in the dresser drawers in each room.

Mess Hall

  1. Breakfast ($4), lunch ($6) and dinner ($8) available on a schedule.  Only $USD accepted for payment.  There is an ATM on the island now but don't rely on it.
  2. Food at other times available at the Volcano Club. 

Rental Cars

  1. ESPO will not obtaining Rental Cars. 

Transportation to/from airfield/barracks

  1. Expect to walk approximately 1 mile each way.