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HS3 - Global Hawk #872 08/26/14 - 08/27/14 Science Report

HS3 2014-08-26 Science Report: GLOBALHAWK AV-6 Transit and first Cristobal Flight

HS3 - Global Hawk #872 08/28/14 - 08/29/14 Science Report

HS3 2014-08-28 Science Report: GLOBALHAWK AV-6 2nd Cristobal Flight

HS3 - Global Hawk #872 09/05/14 - 09/06/14 Science Report

HS3 2014-09-05 Science Report: GLOBALHAWK AV-6 90L Flight

HS3 - Global Hawk #872 09/11/14 - 09/12/14 Science Report

HS3 2014-09-11 Science Report: GLOBALHAWK AV-6 06L Flight

HS3 - Global Hawk #872 09/14/14 - 09/15/14 Science Report

HS3 2014 14-15 Sept Science Report: GLOBAL HAWK AV-6 Edouard Flight

HS3 - Global Hawk #872 09/16/14 - 09/17/14 Science Report

HS3 2014 16-17 Sept Science Report: GLOBAL HAWK AV-6 Edouard Flight

HS3 09/28/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview: AV-6 took off at 0719 EDT for science flight #10. The flight is scheduled for a 25-hour duration to the main development region.


HS3 09/25/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #10 is planned for Saturday with a 25 hour duration. It will follow the same track as flight #9 and will drop 62 sondes.


HS3 09/27/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview: Todays flight was cancelled due to an issue with the aircrafts GPS Keys. Further testing will continue this evening, an email will be sent out alerting everyone the status of the aircraft.



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