Wednesday, 7/31 Accomplishments
Instrument and A/C maintenance
Fire brigade A/C tour
Thursday, 8/1 Plans
0800 A/C access
1000 Forecasting / Flight Planning meeting
1600 A/C access ends
1600 Science meeting


Tuesday, 7/30 Accomplishments
Science Flight #4 - Tucker fire (CA) and plume (MT), Left Hand fire (WA)
Wednesday, 7/31 Plans
0800 A/C access
1000 Forecast/Flight Planning meeting
1600 A/C access ends
1600 Science meeting
We expect T shirts to be delivered to Boise August 8.
Story aired recently in LA: https://spectrumnews1.com/ca/la-west/news/2019/07/23/flying-laboratory-studies-impact-of-smoke-and-fire


Monday, 7/29 Accomplishments
Science Flight #3, North Hills Fire (MT), Tucker Fire (CA)
Tuesday, 7/30 Plans – either 8 hrs access, or a flight, TBD Tuesday
1000 Flight Planning Meeting
1200 A/C Access
1330 Pre-flight meeting
1430 A/C Door closed
1500-1600 Take-off time span
2000 A/C Access ends
Social Media






Sunday, 7/28 Accomplishments:
Flight Planning Meeting
Monday, 7/29 Plans:
10:00                     Flight Planning Meeting
12:00                     A/C access
13:30                     Preflight meeting
14:30                     A/C door closed
15:00-16:00        Take off time span


Saturday, 7/27 Accomplishments:
Instrument work and A/C maintenance
Forecasting and Science Team meetings
Hard Down for Theory Team
Sunday, 7/28 Plans:
1000 Forecasting meeting
Hard Down Day

Other info:


Friday, 7/26 Accomplishments:
Instrument work
FIREX-AQ Boise team photo
Air Force Communication Group tour

Saturday, 7/27 Plans:
13:00    A/C access
14:30    Preflight meeting
15:30    A/C door closed
16:00    Take-off (~6.5 hour flight)

FIREX (Etc.) link:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/IJQJPTP8N16I4ee8IrJRYs


Thursday, 7/25 Accomplishments:
2nd FIREX-AQ DC-8 Science Flight (~ 6 hour flight)

Friday, 7/26 Plans:
08:00    A/C Access
10:00    Flight planning meeting
11:00    Team photo at the aircraft
16:00    A/C access ends
             Science meeting


Wednesday, 7/24 Accomplishments:
First FIREX DC-8 science flight accomplished (~3.4 hour flight)
Thursday, 7/25 Plans:
10:00     Flight Planning Meeting
13:00     A/C access
14:30     Preflight meeting in room 149
15:30     A/C door closed
16:00     Take off for a ~ 5 hour flight.


Tuesday, 7/23 Accomplishments:
Media Day accomplished
AFRC truck unloaded
Equipment upacked

Wednesday, 7/24 Plans:
10:00    Flight Planning Meeting (room 149, new presentation area)    
12:00    A/C access
             Egress training  (room 149)
13:30    Preflight meeting
14:30    A/C door closed
15:00    Take-off for a planned 4 hour flight (but with fuel for 6 in the event of interesting targets) 
19:00    Estimated time of return
20:15    A/C access ends

Lightning in the area may close the ramp temporarily, so plan accordingly.  You might get stuck in the plane until the ramp reopens.

Mission t-shirts are now available for $18 each and you will be able to pick them up in Boise. The last day for placing orders will be Sunday (7/28) at midnight. Please use the following link to place individual orders: https://www.thegraphiccowcompany.com/show.aspx?wonumber=WO612792&link=tb...


Saturday, 7/20, Plans
Instrument teams maintained/improved instruments and packed equipment.
Sunday, 7/21, Plans
Hard Down Day
Truck (science) departs
Monday transit, 7/22, Plans
0730 A/C Access
0800 Egress Training N131B
0800 Have your luggage to the forklift/pallet by this time.
0930 Pre-flight meeting
1100 takeoff, ~7.5 hr flight
1930 landing Boise (local time)
Those without PIV/CAC credentials will *not* be processed on arrival. That must be done when you return to the base on the 23rd.  Those with PIV/CAC credentials can proceed onto base without additional processing. 
Tuesday Media Day, 7/23, Plans
0900 General badging for all FIREX team members
0900 Media Day talks begin (hangar)
1000 (estimated) science truck unloading complete
1000 A/C access
1115 Media Day A/C tours
1215 Media Day activities end (hangar)
1300 Flight Planning meeting
1700 A/C Access ends
1700 Science team meeting
If you are not involved in the Media Day activities do not arrive at the Pass and ID Office before 09:00 on the 23rd unless it is absolutely necessary.
For packing/shipping questions, contact Andrew Thompson at (650)455-4964..
Flyers: bring luggage to DC8 on Monday at 8:00 am (latest) and place it on the pallet on the forklift in the hangar.
We made a 2nd WhatsApp group for communications that are less directly related to FIREX flight activities: FIREX (Etc.)  Use this chat for your more casual topics. Join at:
We will use WhatsApp to share the ease of the badging process.


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