All Instruments

InstrumentPlatformsFull NameContact PersonTypeMeasurements
AOPDC-8In-Situ Measurements of Aerosol Optical PropertiesNicholas L. Wagner (PI)Spectrometer (in situ)Aerosol Extinction, Particle Absorption, Asymmetry Parameter, Black Carbon
CAFSDC-8CCD Actinic Flux SpectroradiometersSamuel R. Hall (PI)Spectrometer (in situ)Actinic Flux
CAMSDC-8Compact Atmospheric Multispecies SpectrometerAlan Fried (Co-I)Spectrometer (in situ)CH2O, HCOOH
CAREDC-8Cloud, Aerosol, and Refractive Index ExperimentBernadett Weinzierl (PI)Aerosol, Particle size distribution, Cloud Liquid Water Content
CIT-CIMSDC-8Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerPaul Wennberg (PI)CIMSHNO3, H2O2, CH3OOH, HCN, PAA, PNA, SO2
DACOMDC-8Differential Absorption Carbon monOxide MeasurementGlenn S. Diskin (PI)Laser absorption, Spectrometer (in situ)N2O, CO, CH4, CO2
DIALDC-8Differential Absorption LidarJohnathan W. Hair (PI)LidarAerosol Backscattering, Aerosol Depolarization Ratio, Aerosol Extinction, Aerosol Optical Depth, O3
DLHDC-8Diode Laser HygrometerGlenn S. Diskin (PI)Laser absorptionH2O
EESI-TOFMSDC-8CU Aircraft Extractive Electrospray Time-of-Flight Mass SpectrometerJose-Luis Jimenez (PI)Spectrometer
GT-CIMSDC-8Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerL. Greg Huey (PI)CIMSHNO3, SO2, HNO4, HCl, Br2, BrO, PAN
HR-AMSDC-8CU Aircraft High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass SpectrometerJose-Luis Jimenez (PI)Spectrometer (in situ)Cl, NH4, NO3, Organic Aerosol, SO4
ISAFDC-8In Situ Airborne FormaldehydeThomas F. Hanisco (PI)FluorescenceCH2O
Iodide CIMSDC-8
LARGE-classicDC-8Langley Aerosol Research Group ExperimentEdward L. Winstead (Mgr)CN counter, Nephelometer, Optical particle counterAerosol Number Concentration, Aerosol Size Distribution, Scattering Coefficient, Absorption Coefficient
MASTERDC-8MODIS/ASTER Airborne SimulatorJeffrey Myers (Mgr)SpectrometerImagery
MMSDC-8Meteorological Measurement SystemT. Paul Bui (PI)Wind, Turbulence, Temperature, Aircraft position
NOAA CIMSDC-8Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerThomas B Ryerson (PI)CIMSH2O, HNO3, HCl
NOyO3DC-8NOAA Nitrogen Oxides and OzoneThomas B Ryerson (PI)ChemiluminescenceNO, NO2, NOy, O3
PTR-MSDC-8Proton-Transfer-Reaction Mass SpectrometerArmin Wisthaler (PI)Spectrometer (in situ)CH3CHO, (CH3)2CO, CH3CN, C6H6, C4H4O, C5H8, CH3OH, MVK, C7H8
SAGADC-8Soluble Acidic Gases and AerosolsJack Dibb (PI)Ion ChromatographyNa, NH4, K, Mg, Ca+2, Cl, Br-, NO3, SO4, C2O4-2, Be-7, Pb-210, HNO3
SP2DC-8Single Particle Soot Photometer (NOAA)Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz (PI)PhotometerBlack Carbon, Aerosol
TOGADC-8Trace Organic Gas AnalyzerEric Apel (PI)Gas chromatography, Spectrometer (in situ)VOCs
AirMSPIER-2 #809Airborne Multi-angle SpectroPolarimeter ImagerDave Diner (PI)RadiometerImagery
AVIRISER-2 #809Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging SpectrometerRobert O. Green (PI)SpectrometerImagery
CPLER-2 #809Cloud Physics LidarMatthew McGill (PI)LidarAerosol, Optical Depth, Particle size distribution
eMASER-2 #809Enhanced MODIS Airborne SimulatorJeffrey Myers (Mgr)SpectrometerImagery
GCASER-2 #809
S-HISER-2 #809Scanning High-Resolution Interferometer SounderHank Revercomb (Co-I)InterferometerTemperature, H2O
NAST-IER-2 #809National Airborne Sounder Testbed - InterferometerAnna Noe (Mgr)InterferometerTemperature, Relative Humidity
GHGNOAA Twin Otter Chem
Iodide-ToF-CIMSNOAA Twin Otter Chem
HR-ToF-AMSNOAA Twin Otter Chem
BrC-PILSNOAA Twin Otter Chem
Tenax Cartridge AutosamplerNOAA Twin Otter Chem
NOxyO3NOAA Twin Otter ChemNCAR NOxyO3Andrew Weinheimer (PI)ChemiluminescenceNO, NO2, NOy, O3
Scanning Micropulse Doppler LidarNOAA Twin Otter Met
NSF Mobile LabMobile Ground Measurements
Aerodyne Mobile LabMobile Ground Measurements
NASA AeronetMobile Ground Measurements
LARGE Mobile LabMobile Ground Measurements
LCSC VOC GroupMobile Ground Measurements
NOAA ESRLForecasting