Photo primarily shows one or more people


Jim Less (AFRC), Mike Stewart (ARC), Jeroen Molemaker (UCLA), and Federica Polverari during preflight for S-MODE RF4 [05.07.21]

Scott "Jelly" Howe (AFRC) and Hernan Posada (AFRC) piloting NASA 801 [05.03.21]

Alex Wineteer (JPL) and Delphine Hypolite (UCLA) in flight during RF2 [05.03.21]

Hernan Posada (AFRC), Delphine Hypolite (UCLA), and Alex Wineteer (JPL) before RF2 [05.03.21]

Alex Wineteer during CST [04.22.21]

Fabien, Joe, Dragana, and NASA 801 [04.13.21]

Fabien Nicaise and DopplerScatt [04.13.21]

Dragana and Fabien uploading DopplerScatt [04.13.21]

Laurent Grare (Scripps) recovers Wave Glider [Mar 2021]


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