ATom Shipping

ATom Shipping Overview

Sea Shipping

For ATom-3, ESPO will provide support for a sea shipment to Christchurch that will depart Palmdale for the Port of Long Beach on August 25. All material (including compressed gases) to be included in this shipment must be at the NASA Palmdale facility no later than August 21. Please clearly identify all material that you would like to go in the sea container to avoid confusion. 

Air Shipping

For ATom-3, ESPO will support additional air shipments of gases for the NOyO3 and CIT-CIMS groups. These gases must be in Palmdale by August 21.

In addition, ESPO will supporting an air shipment to Christchurch scheduled to leave on September 29 (subject to change based on the date of the final local flight). For planning purposes, please make your best effort to utilize the sea shipment. This last minute air shipment to Christchurch is solely offered for items not being carried on the DC-8 that are needed in Palmdale for integration/local flights.

Shipments to Palmdale

Please pack any fragile of sensitive equipment in hard shell cases with plenty of cushioning and avoid shipping loose items whenever possible. Clearly label all boxes with “ATom”, the instrument name, the PI's name, and a contact mobile phone number.

Before you ship your items to Palmdale, please email Quincy Allison and Wendy Bereda with the number, size, and weights of each shipment. Include the expected arrival date and carrier information.

Expedited Shipping to ATom-3 Field Sites

FedEx should be used to expedite ship items to only Anchorage and Kona. The use of FedEx for shipping to any international ATom field site is highly discouraged and will likely result in the item not arriving as scheduled. If the DC-8 is deployed and you need get something to someone in the field, please contact Quincy Allison to advise on next steps. 

Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods

If you are shipping any hazmat, chemicals, or compressed gases to the Palmdale facility, please notify Karen Richards ( at least one week in advance of the intended ship date. Note: lithium ion batteries are now regulated as dangerous goods and need to be accounted for by the watt hour rating of the battery.

Shipping Addresses


NASA Aircraft Operations Facility
2825 East Avenue P
Palmdale, CA 93550
Attn: (Instrument Name)/ATom - Wendy Bereda (661) 276-3182


Pegasus Aviation Service LLC
ATTN: Natalie Shen
3901 Old International Airport Rd
Anchorage, AK 99502


Air Service Hawaii
ATTN: Tim Elliott
73-220 U'u Street
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Shipping Points of Contact

ESPO - Quincy Allison (
DC-8/Palmdale - Wendy Bereda (