All Instruments

InstrumentPlatformsFull NameContact PersonTeamTypeMeasurementsData
AMPDC-8In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Microphysical PropertiesCharles Brock (PI)AMPSpectrometer (in situ)Aerosol Size DistributionNAerosol, SDAerosol
AO2DC-8NCAR Airborne Oxygen InstrumentBritton Stephens (PI)AO2O2, CO2AO2
ATHOSDC-8Airborne Tropospheric Hydrogen Oxides SensorWilliam H. Brune (PI)ATHOSFluorescenceOH, Napthalene, HO2, NOATHOS-HOx, ATHOS-OHI, ATHOS-OHR
CAFSDC-8Charged-coupled device Actinic Flux SpectroradiometersSamuel R. Hall (PI)CAFSSpectrometer (in situ)Spectrally resolved actinic flux and photolysis frequencies typically calculated for the following species: O3, NO2, NO3, CH2O, HONO, HNO3, N2O5, HNO4, PAN, H2O2, CH3OOH, CH3ONO2, CH3CH2ONO2, CH3CHO, CH3CH2CHO, CHOCHO, CH3COCHO, 2, 3-Butanedione, Methacrolein, MVK, (CH3)2CO, MEK, Br2, BrO, BrNO, BrNO2, BrONO, BrONO2, BrCl, HOBr, CHBr3, Cl2, ClO, ClNO2, ClONO, ClONO2CAFS-FLUX-N, CAFS-FLUX-Z, CAFS-JV
CAPS ViennaDC-8Cloud Aerosol and Precipitation Spectrometer - U ViennaBernadett Weinzierl (PI)CAPS ViennaAerosol, Particle size distribution, Cloud Liquid Water ContentCloudindicator, NCoarseAerosol
CIT-CIMSDC-8Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerPaul Wennberg (PI)CIT-CIMSCIMSHNO3, H2O2, CH3OOH, HCN, PAA, SO2, multifunctional VOC oxidation products.CIT-H2O2, CIT-HCN, CIT-HNO3, CIT-MHP, CIT-PAA, CIT-PNA, CIT-SO2, CIT-MHP-ToF, CIT-PHENOL
DLHDC-8Diode Laser HygrometerGlenn S. Diskin (PI)DACOM / DLH / LI-CORLaser absorptionH2ODLH-H2O, DLH-H2O-20Hz
GT-CIMSDC-8Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerL. Greg Huey (PI)GT-CIMSCIMSHNO3, SO2, HNO4, HCl, Br2, BrO, PANGTCIMSPANS
HR-AMSDC-8CU Aircraft High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass SpectrometerJose-Luis Jimenez (PI)HRAMS2Spectrometer (in situ)Organic Aerosol, NH4, NO3, SO4, NR-Cl, Br-, Iodine, seasalt, MSA, ClO4, pRONO2AMS, AMS-60s, AMSSD
ISAFDC-8In Situ Airborne FormaldehydeGlenn M. Wolfe (PI)ISAFFluorescenceCH2OISAF-H2CO
LIF-SO2DC-8Laser Induced Fluorescence – Sulfur DioxideAndrew Rollins (PI)LIF SO2-NOFluorescenceSO2
MedusaDC-8Medusa Whole Air SamplerBritton Stephens (PI)AO2Whole Air SamplingO2, CO2, N2, Argon, CO2 isotopesMEDUSA, MEDUSA-Kernel
MMSDC-8Meteorological Measurement SystemT. Paul Bui (PI)MMS3D Wind, Turbulence, Temperature, Position, Velocities, Attitudes, True-Airspeed, Potential TemperatureMMS-1HZ, MMS-20Hz
NOAA PicarroDC-8NOAA PicarroKathryn McKain (Co-I)NOAA PicarroSpectrometer (in situ)CO2, CH4, CONOAA-Picarro-CO2-CH4-CO
NOAA ToF CIMSDC-8NOAA Iodide Ion Time-of-Flight Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerJ. Andy Neuman (PI)CIMSHCOOH, ClNO2, N2O5, BrO, Cl2, BrCN, BrCl, C2H4O3S
NOyO3DC-8NOAA Nitrogen Oxides and OzoneThomas B Ryerson (PI)NOyO3ChemiluminescenceNO, NO2, NOy, O3NOyO3-NO, NOyO3-NO2, NOyO3-NOy, NOyO3-O3
PALMSDC-8Particle Analysis By Laser Mass SpectrometryGregory Schill (PI)PALMSSpectrometer (in situ)Particle Composition, AerosolPALMS, PALMS-PartType-Mass, PALMS-Chem-Mass, PALMS-Neg-Particle-Spectra, PALMS-Pos-Particle-Spectra
PANTHERDC-8PAN and Trace Hydrohalocarbon ExpeRimentJames W. Elkins (Co-I)PANTHER/UCATSGas chromatography(CH3)2CO, PAN, H2, CH4, CO, N2O, SF6, CFCl3, CF2Cl2, Halon-1211GCECD, GCMSD
PFPDC-8Programmable Flask Package Whole Air SamplerStephen (Steve) Montzka (PI)PFPWhole Air SamplingN2O, SF6, H2, CS2, OCS, CO2, CH4, CO, CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, Solvents, Methyl Halides, Hydrocarbons, PerfluorocarbonsPFP
QCLSDC-8Quantum Cascade Laser SystemBruce Daube (PI)HUPCRSLaser absorptionCO2, CO, CH4, N2OQCLS-CH4-CO-N2O, QCLS-CO2
SAGADC-8Soluble Acidic Gases and AerosolsJack Dibb (PI)SAGAIon ChromatographyNa, NH4, K, Mg, Ca+2, Cl, Br-, NO3, SO4, C2O4-2, Be-7, Pb-210, HNO3SAGA-AERO, SAGA-MC
SP2DC-8Single Particle Soot Photometer (NOAA)Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz (PI)HD-SP2PhotometerBlack Carbon, Aerosol
TOGADC-8Trace Organic Gas AnalyzerEric Apel (PI)TOGAGas chromatography, Spectrometer (in situ)VOCs, alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, NMHC, Hydrocarbons, OVOCs, halogenates, alkyl nitriles, Alkyl Nitrates, sulfur-containing VOCsTOGA
UCATSDC-8UAS Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace SpeciesBrad Hall (PI)PANTHER/UCATSGas chromatography, Spectrometer (in situ), Spectrometer (in situ)N2O, SF6, CH4, CO, O3, H2, H2O, CHCl3, CCl4, CF2Cl2, CFCl3, CF2ClCFCl2, Halon-1211UCATS-GC, UCATS-H2O, UCATS-O3
WAS (UCI)DC-8Whole Air SamplerDonald R. Blake (PI)UCI WASWhole Air SamplingNMHCs, Halocarbons, Alkyl Nitrates, OCS, DMS, CS2WAS
CAMChemModelJean-Francois Lamarque (PI)Chemistry-Climate ModelChemical climatology, including reactivities for typical years and time of ATom-1 flightsCAMChem
GEOSChemModelLee Murray (PI)Chemistry-Transport ModelChemical climatology, including reactivities for typical years and time of ATom-1 flightsGEOSChem
GEOS5ModelPaul Newman (PI)Weather Analysis and Prediction ModelGEOS5 fp meteorological products interpolated to the flight track: winds, vorticity, humidity, temperature, simply specified tracers (CO, SO2, many aerosol types)GEOS5
GFDLAM3ModelArlene M. Fiore (PI)Chemistry-Climate ModelChemical climatology, including reactivities for typical years and time of ATom-1 flightsGFDLAM3
GISSE2ModelLee Murray (PI)Chemistry-Climate ModelChemical climatology, including reactivities for typical years and time of ATom-1 flightsGISSE2
GMIModelSarah Strode (PI)Chemistry-Transport ModelGMI full chemistry CTM hindcast: gas-phase chemistry (40 species) along 10-sec merge, interpolated to the flight trackGMI
GMI4DModelSarah Strode (PI)Chemistry-Transport ModelGMI CTM hindcast with 4D grid bounding flight path: gas-phase chemistry (40 species) at: ¼ hr, 1° latitude, 1.25° longitude, standard model levelsGMI4D
GMICTMModelSarah Strode (PI)Chemistry-Transport ModelChemical climatology, including reactivities for typical years and time of ATom-1 flightsGMICTM
UCICTMModelMichael Prather (PI)Chemistry-Transport ModelChemical climatology, including reactivities for typical years and time of ATom-1 flightsUCICTM
WRFModelEric Ray (PI)Weather Research & Forecasting Model3D back trajectories for ATom parcels along flight path; Convective influence for ATom parcels along flight path; Boundary Layer influence for ATom parcels along flight path; Convective and Boundary Layer influences for ATom parcels along flight pathBackTraj, ConvectInfluence, BdyInfluence, Influences