S-MODE 04/14/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day for Friday, April 14:

  • The large chlorophyll plume (“U-Turn”) continues to be an area of great interest for S-MODE, with all aircraft assets, plus the ship and gliders tracking its evolution.
  • The Sally Ride science party weathered a large storm overnight and got back to work at about 0800L this morning, completing the APEX float deployments.
  • The B200 completed its seventh flight of the campaign, the MASS Twin Otter its third, and the G-III its second.
  • An eighth Wave glider was successfully deployed from off the coast of Santa Cruz, CA

Aircraft plan and schedule:

  • The B200 and MASS TO will continue the survey the U-Turn, while the G-III will take a hard down day
  • 1030: Preflight meeting for B200 SF#8
  • 1200: B200 SF#8 takeoff
  • TBD mid-day: MASS TO SF#4 takeoff

Ship and in situ plan:

  • The Sally Ride and Wave gliders will survey the chlorophyll plume along with the aircraft remote sensing instruments.

 Meeting schedule: