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RV Sally Ride Under Steam

S-MODE 04/28/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Plan of the Day for Friday, April 28:

  • Both the B200 and G-III flew today. The optical instruments finally got a very clear day, and the winds were cooperating for DopplerScatt!
  • Continuing to sample in the same area, a small (submesoscale) section of what we refer to as SWOTland, or within the swath of the SWOT satellite.

 Aircraft plan and schedule:

S-MODE Chief Scientist Andrey Shcherbina on the Sally Ride

S-MODE 04/27/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Here is the S-MODE Plan of the Day for Thursday, April 27:

  • The MASS Twin Otter flew its twelfth and final science flight of the S-MODE IOP-2 campaign. Thank you to Luc L, Luke C, Nick S, Brent, and Vince for your tireless work!!
  • The B200 flew today with DopplerScatt, but low clouds prevented MOSES data collection and a G-III flight with PRISM.
  • The Sally Ride continued their “W” experiment to measure vertical velocity.

 Aircraft plan and schedule:

B-200 Crew for Science Flight #18

S-MODE 04/26/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Here is the S-MODE Plan of the Day for Wednesday, April 26:

Dr. Brenna Biggs Presents “Wave” Hello to NASA S-MODE: A Study of Sub-Mesoscale Ocean Processes

Dr. Brenna Biggs hosted a panel of S-MODE scientists at an Earth Day event at the Chabot Space and Science Center for K-12 students on April 22, 2023.


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