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A View from the Twin Otter

S-MODE 10/27/22 Mission Daily Schedule

Thursday, October 27
Aircraft schedule:

  • 1030:  G-III SF8 takeoff
  • 1030-1130:  Twin Otter SF12 takeoff
  • NET 1100:  B200 SF18 takeoff 

Ship and in situ plan:

Life at Sea: A “First-Timer” Chronicles NASA’s S-MODE Field Campaign

Going to sea for the first time as part of NASA’s S-MODE mission has been an experience like no other. You establish a new normal on the boat and quickly fall into new routines. Perceptions of time even change! I joked with some people on the boat that time is but a label on our samples. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but normal perceptions of time do not apply at sea –especially if you start your day at 2 pm and finish at 2 am.

S-MODE Data Set Graphic

S-MODE 10/26/22 Mission Daily Schedule

Wednesday, October 26
Aircraft schedule:

  • 0830:  B200 SF16 takeoff
  • NET 1000:  G-III SF7 takeoff
  • 0800-1230 and 1330-1830:  Twin Otter SF10 & SF11 flight windows (weather permitting)
  • 1400:  B200 SF17 takeoff 

Ship and in situ plan:


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