Atmospheric Tomography Mission
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CIT-CIMS Rack [08.02.16]

ATom 08/02/16 Mission Daily Schedule

ATom Plan of the Day

Wednesday, 8/3 (all times local)

NASA DC-8 in Anchorage [08.01.16]

NASA DC-8 arriving into Anchorage [08.01.16]

ATom 08/01/16 Mission Daily Schedule

ATom Plan of the Day

Tuesday, 8/2

ATom 07/31/16 Mission Daily Schedule

ATom Plan of the Day

Monday, 8/1

  • 04:15  First shuttle van departure from Courtyard/Renaissance parking lot
  • 04:30  Instrument pre-flight
  • 05:00  Egress training
  • 06:00  Preflight briefing
  • 07:00  Door closed
  • 07:30  PMD-ANC departure

ATom 07/29/16 Mission Daily Schedule

ATom Plan of the Day

If you have signed up for a shuttle van ride from your hotel to AFRC on Monday please indicate on the sign-up sheet what time you would liked to be picked up at the hotel (and which hotel)

7/30, Saturday

  • 08:00-15:00 A/C access
  • 15:00-16:00 PALMS instrument gas servicing (no one else allowed on a/c)

7/31, Sunday

  • 08:00-16:00 A/C access (only if required)

ATom 07/23/16 Mission Daily Schedule

The Aircraft wash has been completed. The crew decided to tow the aircraft in due to the fires over the mountain.
We will plan to tow in to position for the outside test Monday morning. Still working details, on the side, for location and to limit any possible delays.
7/24 no Aircraft access other than servicing the CIT-CIMS instrument as planned.
Monday A/C access starts at 0700-1700.

ATom 07/22/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Saturday 7/23
A/C out on wash rack to continue the wash
Sunday 7/24
A/C planned to remain outside in prep for Monday housekeeping/science system test
Monday 7/25
A/C located at wash rack and will be towed in after test, if possible, but may have to wait for SOFIA.  
Access start at 0700
Access end at 1700

ATom 07/18/16 Mission Daily Schedule

ATom Plan of the Day

A/C access for Tuesday (7/19) will be approx. 0700 to TBD

We originally were planning for a 1000 takeoff but due to pilot availability the morning is no longer an option. We are going to attempt and afternoon flight, time TBD after confirmations in the a.m. 

Short summary story for flight today is the "hum" was still present, though it was not as prominent and had a few different characteristics which led to the removal of the SAGA chimney inlets and a blank off plate installed. 


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