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Pushbroom Imager for Cloud and Aerosol Research and Development - GSFC (PICARD GSFC)


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The Pushbroom Imager for Cloud and Aerosol Research and Development is a V/SWIR imaging spectrometer designed to support atmospheric research. It features an undistorted wide field of view, and 50 meter resolution pixels when flown on the ER-2 aircraft. It is intended to simulate existing satellite imager products (MODIS/VIIRS,) and to validate radiances and geophysical retrievals, with an emphasis on cloud and aerosol science. It will also be used to prototype future imager requirements and algorithms, and to contribute to multi-disciplinary NASA field studies. Instrument Type: Dual Offner Imaging spectrometer Measurements: V/SWIR imagery (205 bands, 400 – 2450nm, 50 deg. FOV)

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