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Mapping tropospheric ozone profiles from an airborne ultraviolet–visible...

Liu, X., C. E. Sioris, K. Chance, T. Kurosu, M. Newchurch, R. Martin, and P. Palmer (2005), Mapping tropospheric ozone profiles from an airborne ultraviolet–visible spectrometer, Appl. Opt., 44, 3312-3319.

We present a novel technique for retrieving ozone ͑O3͒ profiles and especially tropospheric O3 from airborne UV͞visible spectrometer measurements. This technique utilizes radiance spectra from one down-looking and two up-looking (85° and 75°) directions, taking advantage of the O3 absorption structure in the Huggins ͑300–340᎑nm͒ and Chappuis ͑530–650᎑nm͒ bands. This technique is especially sensitive to tropospheric O3 below and Յ8 km above the aircraft with a vertical resolution of 2–6 km and is sensitive to lower and middle stratospheric O3 with a vertical resolution of 8–15 km. It can measure tropospheric O3 at spatial resolutions of 2 km ϫ 2 km or higher and is therefore well suited for regional air-quality studies and validation of satellite measurements.