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HOx Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (HOxCIMS)


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An inlet collects ambient air from the free air stream and adds reagents, including O2 or N2 dilutents, and NO and SO2 reagent gases. This method, called "oxygen dilution modulation" leads to nearly 100% measurement of HO2 and RO2 in the O2 dilution/low reagent concentration mode, whereas RO2 is measured with less than 10% efficiency in the N2 dilution/higher reagent concentration mode. This is because the chemistry converts peroxy radicals to H2SO4 efficiently in the O2 mode, but RO2 radicals are converted to RONO in the N2 mode. The H2SO4 thus produced is ionized by reaction with NO3- ions. The reagent and product ions are detected by mass spectrometry using quadrupole mass filtering and counting by a channel electron multiplier operating in the negative ion mode.

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