Storm Studies In The Arctic (Star)

Hanesiak, J., R. stewart, P. tayLor, K. moore, D. BarBer, G. mcBean, W. strapp, M. woLDe, R. GooDson, E. HuDson, D. HuDak, J. scott, G. Liu, J. GiLLiGan, S. Biswas, D. DesjarDins, R. Dyck, S. FarGey, R. FieLD, G. Gascon, M. GorDon, H. Greene, C. Hay, W. Henson, K. HocHHeim, A. L. apLante, R. martin, M. A. meLzer, and S. zHanG (2006), Storm Studies In The Arctic (Star), Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 28, doi:10.1175/2009BAMS2693.1.

With 14 research flights from Baffin Island, surface- and satellite-based instruments, STAR aims to improve understanding and prediction of severe arctic storms and their hazards

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