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Comprehensive T-matrix reference database: A 2012–2013 update

Mishchenko, M., G. Videen, N. G. Khlebtsov, and T. Wriedt (2013), Comprehensive T-matrix reference database: A 2012–2013 update, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 123, 145-152, doi:10.1016/j.jqsrt.2013.01.024.

The T-matrix method is one of the most versatile, efficient, and accurate theoretical techniques widely used for numerically exact computer calculations of electromagnetic scattering by single and composite particles, discrete random media, and particles imbedded in complex environments. This paper presents the fifth update to the comprehensive database of peer-reviewed T-matrix publications initiated by us in 2004 and includes relevant publications that have appeared since 2012. It also lists several earlier publications not incorporated in the original database, including Peter Waterman’s reports from the 1960s illustrating the history of the T-matrix approach and demonstrating that John Fikioris and Peter Waterman were the true pioneers of the multi-sphere method otherwise known as the generalized Lorenz–Mie theory.

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