The Ikhana is a remotely piloted General Atomics Predator B that was acquired by NASA to serve as an aeronautical research aircraft and to serve the Earth Sciences community. The Ikhana measures 36 feet in length, and has a wingspan of 66 feet. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 10,500 pounds. The payload capability of Ikhana is 2000 plus pounds (external) and more than 800 pounds (internal). Where possible, sensor payloads are integrated into wing-mounted pods to minimize aircraft downtime and allow rapid reconfiguration. Ikhana can operate at altitudes from 500 feet to above 40,000 feet with endurances above 24 hours.

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
24.0 hours (payload and weather dependent)
Useful Payload: 
2,000 lbs
Gross Take-off Weight: 
10,000 lbs
Onboard Operators: 
0 (remotely piloted)
Max Altitude: 
> 40,000 ft.
Air Speed: 
171 knots
3,500 Nmi
~6 KW at 28 VDC (altitude dependent)
Point(s) of Contact: 

Mauricio Rivas

Work: (661) 276-3678