CAMP2Ex CI Azumano Travel Profile

CI Azumano Travel Profile

For frequent travel support through SSAI this new tool is very useful.  It is optional and not a requirement.  Should you consider creating the traveler’s profile this secure information will facilitate correctly booking all of your reservations.  Only your personal information will be stored in the Concur Profile. Reservations will still be booked directly with a CI Azumano Agent, not through the Concur website.  
The Profile self-registration website link has been updated since the form was distributed prior to the Science Team Meeting.  Do not use the older form and link.  Only use the attached updated form with the new link which is highlighted below:  
The Concur Profile is an on-line tool where you are able to provide the required  information above, frequent airline/hotel/rental car travel member account numbers, etc., having it immediately available to the agents.   Regardless that the form is titled with Concur, you can set-up a personal profile with CI Azumano for all travel, now and future.  All of your primary information will always be available to CI Azumano and the ticket purchase won’t experience any cumbersome delay.  Your Concur login will be:  Guest + your first and last name (i.e. GuestSteveScientist).  It will appear that the login is the SSAI email address.  However that is not the case.  It only identifies you as a traveler of SSAI.

Further instructions for creating a Concur Profile can found by downloading the Concur Self Registration Instructions.

The list of CI Azumano Travel Agents currently supporting CAMP2Ex can be downloaded here.

Cassie Lehnhardt
SSAI, Travel Logistics
1 Enterprise Parkway, Ste. 200
Hampton VA 23666