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ATTREX Presentations

ATTREX Science Team Meeting, Oct 20-23, 2014 (Boulder, CO)

Monday, October 20

Project Overviews

Transport and Dynamics

Tuesday, October 21

UTLS Humidity and Clouds

Ozone structure and controlling processes

Wednesday, October 22

Composition and Chemistry (VSLS/VOC)

Composition and Chemistry (BrO/Partitioning)

Thursday, October 23

Composition and Chemistry (BrO/Partitioning) (cont.)

ATTREX Science Team Meeting, Oct 23-25, 2013 (Boulder, CO)

Wednesday, October 23

Thursday, October 24

Friday, October 25

ATTREX Science Team Meeting, Jun 11-12, 2012 (Boulder, CO)

Meteorology Overview 2011
O3 ATTREX 2011
Aerosol Modeling - Sulfate and Organics in UTLS - Yu
Air Origins and Convective Influence at 100 mb - L Pfister
Aircraft and Deployment Status - D Jordan
ATTREX EPO - J Zavaleta
ATTREX Targets for 2013 - L Pfister
Comparison of TTL Waves and Precipitation - Observation and Re-analysis
Correlated Var of MLS Stratospheric Water Vapor and GPS Cold Point Tropopause Temps - B. Randel
Current Integration and Schedule Issues - D. Jordan
Evaluation of Climate Model Par using ATTREX in-situ Obs
Evidence for two distinct Types of TTL Cirrus by ATTREX Measurements - E Jensen
Jan-Feb 2013 Targets TTL Cirrus - E Jensen
Low Temperature Mitigation - E Jensen
Sign of Transport from Extra Trop LS into the TTL - C Homeyer
Simulations of Stratospheric Dehydration - Schoeberl
Trajectory Analyses of AirMass Origins for the Guam Deployment

ATTREX Science Meeting, Oct 14, 2011 (DFRC)

ATTREX Fall 2011 Objectives, Eric Jensen
Weather Brief 10-14-11, Lenny Pfister
Calipso TTL Cirrus.pdf, Katrina Virts

ATTREX Science Meeting, Aug 2010 (DFRC)

Wednesday 8/25/2010

Advanced Whole Air Sampler, Dr. Elliot Atlas, University of Miami Diode Laser Hygrometer, Dr. Glenn Diskin
UCATS, Dr. James Elkins, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
ATTREX, Picarro Installation, Steven C. Wofsy
Ozone, Dr. Ru-Shan Gao, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer, Dr. Peter Pilewskie, University of Colorado, Warren Gore, NASA Ames Research Center
UAS Laser Hygrometer, Dr. Robert Herman, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Cloud Physics LIDAR on Global Hawk, Matthew McGill
Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX) Overview, E. Jensen
Hawkeye; A new Sensor for In Situ Microphysical Measurements of Subvisible Cirrus in the TTL, P. Lawson
NASA Global Hawk Overview, C. Naftel
Mini-Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer, Dr. Klaus Pfeilstiker, University of Heidelberg, Dr. Jochen Stutz, UCLA
MMS on the NASA Global Hawk: Initial Results from the Global Hawk Pacific Mission (GloPac), Jonathan Dean-Day
TTL Cirrus: Using ATTREX to improve climate prediction, A. Gettelman
How do CPL measurements of TTL cirrus complement information from CALIPSO?, E. Jensen
Ice Nucleation at Low TTL Temperatures, E. Jensen
In Situ Microphysical Measurements of Subvisible Cirrus in the TTL During CR-AVE, P. Lawson
The Microwave Temperature Profiler (MTP) on ATTREX, MJ Mahoney
Global variations of Water Vapor Isotopologues, B. Randel
Meteorological Background for the three ATTREX seasons, L. Pfister
Convective Influence on TTL Composition, L. Pfister

Thursday 8/26/2010

Transport and the Asian monsoon anticyclone, Randel
Tropical Waves, Joan Alexander
In‐mixing from ExTL with trace gases, J. Elkins
Constraining TTL Thermal Structure, A. Gettelman
Boundaries of the TTL identified by the O3-H2O Relationship, Laura Pan
In-Mixing from the Extra-tropics:
 Tracer Diagnostics
, Laura Pan
GV for ATTREX, Laura Pan
TTL LS halogens, Klaus Pfeilsticker
Heating Rates and Radiative Forcing, P. Pilewskie
Enhancing ATTREX with Balloon Soundings, Rennie Selkirk
ARCTAS Science themes, H. Singh
Tracers in ATTREX: What we learn from CR‐AVE, TC‐4, and HIPPO, Steve Wofsy
NASA Global Hawk ATTREX Operations Overview, D. Fratello
NASA Global Hawk ATTREX Operations Payload Integration, D. Fratello
ATTREX Deployment Logistics, D. Jordan
Sample Flight Plans, L. Pfister
A short memo on routing and port forwarding for Global Hawk via the Ku SatCom system, D. Sullivan
Operational Meteorology for ATTREX , L. Pfister
Flight planning discussion, Brian Toon

Friday 8/27/2010

ATTREX Reporting Requirements, D. Jordan

Other Presentations

Cloud Physics Lidar, Dr. Matthew McGill, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Diode Laser Hygrometer, Dr. Glenn Diskin, NASA Langley Research Center
Hawkeye, Dr. Paul Lawson, Stratton Park Engineering Company, Inc.
Meteorological Measurement System, Johnathan Dean-Day, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Picarro Ring Down Cavity Spectrometer, Dr. Steven Wofsy, Harvard University
Unmanned aircraft systems Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species, Dr. James Elkins, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration