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ATTREX Platforms - Airborne

ATTREX 2012-2013 instrument arrangement on aircraft


Instrument PI Institution Zones
MMS Paul Bui NASA Ames 7 & 25
CPL Dr. Matthew McGill NASA GSFC 3 & 7
NWV Dr. Ru‐Shan Gao NOAA 12 & 13
UCATS Dr. James Elkins NOAA/ESRL 16
HU/PCRS Dr. Steven Wofsy Harvard University 25
mini‐DOAS Dr. Jochen Peter Stutz UCLA 25
DLH Dr. Glenn Diskin NASA LaRC 25
MTP Dr. M.J. Mahoney NASA JPL 25 & 28
FCDP Dr. Paul Lawson SPEC 25
Hawkeye Dr. Paul Lawson SPEC Starboard wing
SSFR Dr. Peter Pilewskie University of Colorado 46
AWAS Dr. Elliot Atlas University of Miami 61