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RC-12 Huron – Navy – VXS-1

RC-12 Huron Aircraft

Scientific Development Squadron ONE (VXS-1) operates the RC-12M aircraft to support airborne science and technology research. The RC-12M is a military version of a Beechcraft B200 King Air and offers a low cost per flight hour option for smaller projects.

RC-12M features include:
External belly mounting capability
GPS signal feed
Iridium antenna
Dedicated power distribution system
Optional fiberglass belly radome (110" x 53") can be configured with or without an optical window 
The interior of the aircraft is fully configurable to desired project configurations.  The open architecture design of the aircraft interior with mounting rails and project power distribution enable the aircraft to be uniquely configured according to project requirements.

Point(s) of Contact:
VXS-1 Project Director
LCDR Brandon J. Adams
Work: (301)-342-3504
E-mail: Brandon.j.adams@navy.mil
VXS-1 Project Liaison Officer
Mr. Stephen Rorke
Work: (301)-342-4945
E-mail: stephen.rorke@navy.mil

U.S. Navy
Scientific Development SquadronConventional fixed-wing, twin-turboprop ONE (VXS-1)
Conventional fixed-wing, twin-turboprop
6.0 hours (payload and weather dependent)
Useful Payload: 
1,800 lbs
Gross Take-off Weight: 
14,000 lbs
Onboard Operators: 
Max Altitude: 
31,000 ft
Air Speed: 
245 knots
1,250 Nmi
3 Phase 400Hz 115VAC, 1 Phase 60Hz 115VAC, 28VDC