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MACPEX Science - Presentations

MACPEX/SPartICus Science Team Meeting
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 18-20 Jan 2012

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

0800-0830 Registration
0830-0845 Wisdom from HQ – H. Maring
0845-0905 An overview of SPartICus – J. Mace/J. Comstock
0905-0925 An overview of MACPEX – E. Jensen
0925-0945 Meteorological overview of MACPEX and SPartICus – L. Pfister
0945-1030 Break
1030-1050 Ice cloud microphysical properties measured with VIPS – C. Schmitt
1050-1110 Ice cloud microphysical properties measured with SID3 – C. Schmitt
1110-1130 Microphysical measurements from SPartICus and MACPEX – P. Lawson
1130-1150 Comparison of PSD statistics from MACPEX and SPartICus - M. Schwartz
1150-1210 Discussion
1210-1330 Lunch
1330-1350 Comparison of ice crystal size distributions from MACPE instruments – E. Jensen
1350-1410 Comparison Small cloud particle detection at the AIDA chamber and over the UK – M. Kraemer
1410-1430 Ice nucleation and morphology in cold cirrus during SPartICus – D. Mitchell
1430-1450 Discussion
1450-1530 Break
1530-1550 Testing and improving the parameterization of ice microphysics in CAM5 using MACPEX/SPartICus observations – H. Morrison
1550-1610 Constraining cirrus parameterizations in NCAR CAM5 using SPartICus measurements – X. Liu
1610-1630 A new parameterization for calculating cirrus ice water content in atmospheric models – (L. Avallone for) A. Luebke
1630-1700 Discussion

Thursday, 19 January 2012

0830-0850 MACPEX water measurement comparison – G. Chen
0850-0910 In situ calibrated measurement of UT/LS water vapor during MACPEX using chemical ionization mass spectrometry – T. Thornberry
0910-0930 Quantifying consistency and biases between aircraft, balloon, and remote-sensing measurements of UT/LS water vapor during the WB-57 NASA MACPEX mission – A. Rollins
0930-0945 Discussion
0945-1030 Break
1030-1050 Comparison of FISH total water measurements with other hygrometers – (M. Kraemer for) C. Schiller Note: This presentation was not given, as it contained a lot of information presented by the other speakers. However, it is available on the MACPEX web site for reference. Also on the web site is the presentation that M. Kraemer gave: ‘Wolken Problematik während MACPEX und anderen Kampagnen’
1050-1110 An exploration of the humidity structure in and around cirrus in the UT/LS during MACPEX – J. Smith
1110-1130 Relative humidity distributions in cirrus clouds, and Validation of Aura TES during MACPEX – B. Herman
1130-1145 Synoptic Classification at SGP – T. Ackerman
1145-1200 Discussion
1200-1330 Lunch
1330-1350 Influence of dynamics and thermodynamics on cirrus microphysical properties during SPartICus – J. Comstock
1350-1410 Cloud-resolving model simulations of a pre-frontal thick cirrus case observed during SPartICus – A. Muhlbauer
1410-1430 Physical processes controlling midlatitude cirrus ice concentrations – E. Jensen
1430-1450 Estimating synoptic-scale cooling rates in cirrus clouds from WB-57 Meteorological Measurement System data during MACPEX – J. Dean-Day
1450-1505 Discussion
1505-1540 Break

Thursday, 19 January 2012 (continued)

1540-1600 Ice nuclei in mid-latitude cirrus: Preliminary results from a new counterflow virtual impactor (CVI) aircraft inlet – K. Froyd
1600-1620 Ice nuclei in mid-latitude cirrus: Effect of aerosol properties on the formation of ice clouds determined by electron microscopy – D. Cziczo
1620-1640 Black carbon aerosol measurements during MACPEX – (D. Fahey for) A. Perring
1640-1700 ALIAS measurements of CO, N2O, and total water during MACPEX – L. Christensen
1700-1720 Discussion

Friday, 20 January 2012

0830-0850 Evaluation of several A-Train ice cloud retrieval products with in situ measurements collected during the SPartICus campaign – M. Deng
0850-0910 Overview of satellite retrievals of cirrus properties during SPartICus and MACPEX – P. Minnis
0910-0930 Evaluation of in situ and satellite-derived cirrus microphysical properties during SPartICus and MACPEX – C. Yost
0930-0945 Discussion
0945-1030 Break
1030-1040 Evaluation of several A-Train ice cloud retrieval products with in situ measurements collected during the SPartICus campaign – J. Mace
1040-1100 Application of infrared remote sensing to constrain in situ estimates of ice crystal particle size distribution during SPartICus – S. Cooper
1100-1130 Discussion/Wrap-Up