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MACPEX Airborne - WB-57


2DS: Stereo probes – 2 imaging probes; particle size 30-150 microns & 10-1280 microns (Spec Inc.)
CPI: Cloud Particle Imager - digital images of cirrus (Spec Inc.)
FCDP: Fast Cloud Droplet Probe – 1-50 micron particles (Spec Inc.)
HVPS: High Volume Precipitation Spectrometer- particle size 150 micron to 1.92cm (Spec Inc.)
ALIAS: Aircraft Laser Infrared Absorption Spectrometer – total water and total water isotopes ,(CO) carbon monoxide , and (N20) nitrous oxide (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
CIMS: Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer – water vapor mixing ratios (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
O3 Classic: - Ozone (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
O3 Lite: Ozone for UAS (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
SP2: Single particle soot photometer- black carbon particles (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
CIN: Cloud Integrating Nephelometer – extinction and asymmetry parameter
CLH: Closed path Laser Hygrometer –ice water content (University of Colorado)
DLH: Differential Absorption Lidar - water vapor (Langley Research Center)
FCAS: Focused Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer- particle size distributions from 0.1 to 1 micron (University of Denver)
NMASS: Nuclei-mode Aerosol Size Spectrometer- particle size distributions from 4 nanometers to 50 nanometers (University of Denver)
FISH: Fast In-situ Stratospheric Hygrometer -total water (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
HTW: Harvard Total Water – total water (Harvard University)
HWV+HHH: Harvard Water Vapor + Harvard Harriot Hydrometer - water vapor (Harvard University)
HHal: Harvard Water Halogen – Bromine and Chlorine (Harvard University)
JLH: JPL Laser Hygrometer- water vapor in situ (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
ULH: UAS Laser Hygrometer – water vapor in situ (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
MMS: Meteorological Measurement System (pressure, temperature, turbulence index, and the 3-dimensional wind vector) (NASA Ames Research Center)
PALMS: Particle Analysis by Laser Mass Spectrometry – aerosol and ice nuclei composition; ice crystal residue (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
SID3: Small ice detector 3 1-100 micron cloud probe, ice crystal habits (National Center Atmosphere Research)
VIPS: Video Ice Particle Sampler – 10-200 micron cloud probe (National Center Atmosphere Research)